How listening to employee feedback led Acacia Training to Bippit

Acacia Training is an award-winning provider of work-based learning in the health, care, and wellbeing sectors.

As a family business, the company was founded with the mission to deliver training differently and improve peoples’ lives through quality education.

It’s a mission that extends to the environments they work in as they look to support the health and wellbeing of their team.

Maria Reason – Executive Assistant at Acacia Training – says: “We’ve always had a strong focus on wellbeing. We’ve got 12 wellbeing champions covering 8 areas: mental health, equality diversity and inclusion, employees, benefits, physical, social, financial, and partner.”

“Having said that, we’re on a massive journey to further step up what we’re doing.”

Answering staff calls for greater financial support

Following Covid, and the challenges it brought around remote working and financial stress, Acacia Training wanted to look more closely at team wellbeing. Before they began, they ran a survey to gather staff feedback.

Maria says: “After the survey, we reviewed what staff wanted more of and there was a clear desire for greater financial support. This is what led us to Bippit.”

Acacia Training’s survey findings mirror what most academic research shows: That 88% of employees say they want support from a financial coach.

Maria adds: “We always want staff to be happy. Yes they have their own individual targets, but they should feel looked after and that their wellbeing is our number one priority. We want them to feel part of our family and part of the team. Bippit helps us do that.”

Why Acacia Training partnered with Bippit

As soon as an employee registers with Bippit they get matched to a dedicated financial coach who’s right for their needs. The employee then has unlimited access to their own dedicated coach who is on-hand to address any questions, deal with any concerns, and help that employee whenever and wherever suits them.

It was this personal experience that Acacia Training needed, particularly as their staff spanned all ages and financial requirements.

Maria says: “Bippit offers so much to different people and their different situations, and the fact that each staff member has access to a financial coach is so helpful. Some people will use it for saving. Some might need mortgage support. Some will want to look at their spending habits.”

“Given the number of staff we have, Bippit is great as it meets everybody’s needs.”


The importance of speed and clarity

Traditionally, it can be a slow process integrating a new employee benefit and system. At Bippit we know that any delay or confusion around the set-up process can have a negative impact on the long-term success of a new partnership.

This is why Bippit has been built around instant setup, with no training or integrations needed, and ensures that every business receives a personalised launch plan. This includes a range of marketing materials that a new partner can use to raise awareness of how Bippit works and how it can help employees.

Maria says: “Bippit was really proactive. I wanted the platform in place like yesterday, and the Bippit team made the process really streamlined and straightforward. Given the fact that Bippit offers so much, the process was quick, fast, and easy to follow.”


The story so far

Maria says: “We’re launching Bippit out to 140 staff members and I think each person can, and will, use Bippit in a totally unique way to them. I’m really looking forward to seeing how our staff use it.”

Along with the likes of Gympass, What3Words, and Platypus Digital, Acacia Training is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform.

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