Financial support which makes sense

Give your employees access to an expert financial wellbeing solution so they can wipe out their money worries and get on with their jobs.


Money is the root of all stress

Every day, employees are at work worrying.

Can I afford tonight’s dinner out?”
“How can I save more money?”
“Will I be ok for retirement?”

These worries make them less productive, generally unsettled, and more likely to leave.

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Your employees are worrying about their future. And it’s costing you

Give them the support they need with Bippit.

Through the Bippit app or on a desktop, your employees can learn about their financial health with a 1-1 financial coach, plan for their future using powerful tools, and take action thanks to practical resources.

Here’s how Bippit works

Employees lose

3.6 hours

each week due to money worries

Employees are

7.6x less likely

to finish daily tasks if distracted by their finances

Why Bippit?

Lower stress to raise productivity

Your employees can share their concerns and understand their money better, leaving them more focused and productive at work.

Happy employees = happy companies

Your employees get quick support to everyday problems. This reduces absenteeism, removes presenteeism, and reinvigorates company culture.

Attract and retain the best talent

Your employees can now prepare for their future, leaving them more confident, settled, and comfortable with their work.

For companies that care about their people.
And their bottom line

Bippit is more than just a perk.
It’s an essential part of any forward-thinking wellbeing strategy.

Bippit won’t cost you the earth.
In fact it probably won’t cost you as much as you spend on office fruit.

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Want happy, motivated, A-star employees in your office?

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