Why Gympass is embracing financial wellbeing post-covid

Given the past year we’ve all had, good physical, mental, and financial health is more important than ever. It’s why platforms like Gympass exist.

In a bid to help alleviate the stress we all face, their multinational platform provides members with access to gyms and studios, live-stream classes, wellbeing services, and virtual personal training. 

Earlier this year we partnered with Gympass to provide access to Bippit and help the company fulfil their mission of making all types of wellbeing universal and accessible for all.

For the CEO of Gympass, Luke Bullen, good financial health is a huge part of that. 

“It’s not fun to talk about finances and there are big differences in each person’s situation, but our financial position is critical to other elements of our wellbeing.


Financial wellbeing tends to get swept under the carpet, which is why getting help from a service like Bippit is so important.”

The impact of Covid-19

In 2020 our homes became offices, nurseries, restaurants, and gyms. 

Everyone had to adapt their wellness routines to fit a new lifestyle. Gyms shut and services were taken online – hence the 36% rise in people trying online workouts – highlighting the need for platforms such as Gympass.

New challenges were faced, not least by companies trying to promote wellbeing, maintain company culture, and help their people through trying times. For Gympass, this meant needing to diversify their wellbeing offering to provide new levels of support.

Luke says: “Working within a culture of wellbeing is the easiest way to ensure you focus on your own, and working at Gympass is testament to that. 

“Almost everyone has learnt to eat and sleep better, to exercise more regularly, and to be more mindful. But one aspect we’ve rarely focused on is our own financial wellbeing.”


The importance of financial wellbeing for Gympass

Poor financial wellbeing is the number one cause of stress in the UK, with evidence showing it increases episodes of depression and anxiety.

Luke says: “In the UK, 94% of employees worry about their money and poor financial wellbeing is the no.1 cause of stress. Evidence shows it increases episodes of depression and anxiety. As a result, any holistic wellbeing solution should take this into account.”

In order to be that solution, Gympass wanted to make sure their members had the tools to handle financial stress. This is what led them to Bippit. 


Why Gympass chose Bippit for financial wellbeing 

Luke says: “Bippit’s personalised offering really sets it apart and provides a useful tool to tackle employees’ top concerns. Being able to offer people tools they need to improve their financial future means we have a truly 360-degree wellbeing offering.”

“Plus it’s something I use myself! As soon as I downloaded Bippit I could tell that it would be a valuable tool to help my own mental wellbeing.

“Within 5 minutes I had linked it to all of my bank accounts; within 10 I had an in-depth analysis of all of my spending, and I was speaking with my own dedicated financial coach.”


Bippit and Gympass – the story so far…

Since Gympass partnered with Bippit, we’ve seen:

  • 100% onboarding success
  • 9/10 rating of coach support
  • Hundreds of visits to our Analyze feature

“Bippit helps relieve some of the stress associated with managing your finances.” – Luke Bullen.

Along with the likes of Twinkl, GIA, and Impala, Gympass is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s complete financial wellbeing platform.

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