How Bippit helps EPIC reafirm their company values

EPIC Risk Management specialises in the prevention of harm from gambling, through accredited training, education, and awareness raising. Their team combines first-hand experience of gambling-related harm with expert advice on how it can be prevented.

Given the nature of EPIC’s business – and the fact that 40% of their staff have their own lived-experience with the effects of gambling – giving staff access to financial support is incredibly important to the company. Pippa Robson, Program Manager at EPIC, explains:

“Financial wellbeing is a significant part of our wellbeing strategy, and across the company we can see a real need for it.

“We want to help our people. They’ve rebuilt their lives after financial issues, but even when you recover from an addiction like gambling it still stays with you. You need to consistently manage your life, and as an employer we want to do everything we can to support that.”

Turning to Bippit for coaching and support…

Bippit’s financial wellbeing platform allows companies to give their employees one-to-one access to an expert financial coach. Someone who is professionally qualified, and who they can speak to whenever they want, in a safe confidential space. This is what attracted EPIC to the service.

Pippa says: “Bippit’s biggest selling point was the individual financial coaching every employee gets.

“You can have a conversation with a real human being, not just an automated app that’s going to answer your questions based on a load of data. Bippit’s human conversation is so much more valuable.

“When we saw Bippit’s rounded approach to financial support, we saw a platform that everyone in our company could use. We’ve got quite a varied age range. Some employees are just out of uni and want to buy a house. Others are looking to go part-time or thinking more about pensions.

“With Bippit you can choose what you want to do and customise the platform to your goals. You might want to create a nest egg, save for a holiday, or get ready for retirement. Bippit covers all routes and all stages of life.”


Working to reduce stress and increase engagement

Research has shown that employees are twice as likely to leave an organisation when they’re anxious about their finances. Bippit’s financial coaches and support system can deal with that stress so that employees feel more settled in their job. 

Furthermore, when a company adopts Bippit, it shows employees that they care about their health and wellbeing.

Pippa adds: “We want to help reduce people’s stress levels and make them more productive, but mainly we just want to help them plan for their future.”

“People are at the heart of everything we do. It’s one of our core values, and adopting Bippit reaffirms to everybody working here that we take that value seriously.”


The benefits of 360-degree financial wellbeing

According to PwC, 81% of young employees want to work for a company that cares about their financial wellbeing, and tools like Bippit have become a company’s secret weapon in dealing with the so-called Great Resignation.

Pippa explains: “Bippit will help us with staff retention and attracting the best talent because it’s an amazing benefit to offer. The app is so easy to use. You can connect your bank accounts, analyze your spending, access support and resources, while seeing the big picture and the patterns of what’s going on.

“We chose Bippit, because it offers the comprehensive financial wellbeing support that our people need.”


Showing your team that you care about their needs

Along with the likes of HelloFresh and Beam, EPIC is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform.

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