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In Q3 last year, HelloFresh delivered 227 million meals and reached nearly 7 million customers around the world.

The company is a global market leader, that prides itself on its ‘local startup vibe’, and they’ve created a culture for over 17,000 employees which values an entrepreneurial spirit and ownership mentality.

Central to this culture is the desire to look after their people, and give them the support they need to thrive at work and in life. Monica Glover, HelloFresh’s HR Executive, explains…

“We want our team to enjoy working at HelloFresh and feel like it’s a great company to be at. We’re always looking for ways to build up a good rapport with our employees so they can see we genuinely care about them. Giving them the best benefits is key to this.”

Why HelloFresh turned to financial wellbeing

Money worries can affect both our mental and physical health, which in turn can affect our performance at work. It’s why many companies, including HelloFresh, are reviewing their wellbeing strategy.

“When we looked at our benefits we identified a gap in financial wellbeing,” says Monica. “It’s something we think is really important for businesses to offer, and in our case it’s even more vital given the demographics of our team.”

“Many of our team are in their mid to late 20’s, and that’s an age when you encounter things like credit cards, loans, mortgages, and pensions for the first time. It can be overwhelming as you’re not taught about those things at school, and it means that very few of us are actually comfortable with these financial matters.”

“We wanted to give our team access to a service that gave them expert financial support on all of the above. As a business, looking after our people in this way is just common sense.”


Helping HelloFresh unlock financial support

Bippit gives every employee access to 1:1 support from a qualified financial expert. This is delivered through an intuitive and straightforward platform, something that Monica was particularly keen on…

“When we started looking at financial wellbeing tools, I really appreciated the friendliness of the Bippit team. They gave us a great tour around the platform which is easy to use, modern, and visually very impressive. Everything was so clear on how things work and the pricing.”

“It’s great that you can have video calls with a financial coach who’s professionally qualified. You’re speaking to an expert, not to a random person who says they can help you, but actually doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

“Getting started was also really simple with tools like Bippit’s financial health check. It identifies the financial areas you can work on, and prompts you to speak to your financial coach about them. I really liked that!”


The importance of tailored and comprehensive support

Each of Bippit’s co-founders went through different financial issues before they started the company. It’s why they wanted to build a platform that catered to everyone – regardless of their age, background, or situation.

Doing this means that companies only need one solution for financial wellbeing, not several, and they also don’t need to pay for different experts to come in and talk about different areas.

Monica adds: “Our employees are at various stages of their financial journey, yet Bippit caters to all of them. I’m personally going to use it to get support on ISAs and how to save for a house. But someone else might use it to learn more about credit cards and how they can build their credit history.”

“The level of financial support that Bippit gives our team is not something every employer is offering right now, and I think that really sets us apart.”

“Bippit will definitely help us reduce stress and create a happier and healthier workforce.”

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Along with the likes of Sipsmith and What3words, HelloFresh is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform. 

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