ClickThrough Marketing wants to change lives with Bippit

ClickThrough Marketing is a digital marketing agency with a difference. 

They help brands drive growth through integrated Paid Media, SEO, Content, and Conversion Optimisation, and to do this they need a team of industry-leading experts who are happy in their roles and the environment around them.

It’s why they run quarterly employee surveys to see what their staff want, and where they can improve. 

From their most recent surveys, a trend started to appear, as Debbie Bissell – the agency’s Head of Operations & HR – explains… “One of the things I noticed was a desire for financial support and education. When Covid hit, I was sharing financial information from the likes of Martin Lewis with the team and getting really good feedback on that.”

“But within our cohort of employees, people are at different stages of their life – from thinking about mortgage deposits or holidays, to weddings, babies, or retirement. I can’t be a financial expert for all of that!

“That’s when I realised there was a real need for good financial support. We do a lot for employee mental health and general wellbeing, but I wanted us to do more on financial wellbeing.”


How Covid-19 brought financial wellbeing to the forefront

Before the pandemic, 77% of employees said that money worries impacted them at work. Now, 18 months on, financial stress is even more acute.

As Debbie says: “Financial stress is a bit hidden, but it can have such an impact on employees. Even if it’s just having the ability to come into the office at the end of the month because you’re financially secure until payday.”

“If we can support and educate our people on how to manage their finances better then they’ll have a better work experience overall.”

“For example, they’ll be able to come into the office at the end of the month and get all the benefits of that. As a company, this will help us bring everyone back together and be good for retention too. All of this is why we turned to Bippit.”

How ClickThrough Marketing hopes to lead the way with financial wellbeing

At the start of any partnership our aim at Bippit is to listen to a company, hear what’s needed, and outline what’s possible. Those initial conversations with a new partner are key.

As Debbie describes: “Bippit’s credentials really mattered: its independence and FCA-registration, and the fact that it seemed to offer something for everybody. No matter what life stage you’re at, you get answers from Bippit.”

“My experience setting Bippit up was exceptional. I absolutely loved the calls with the team and working with them was a very collaborative process.”

“What’s more, Bippit really is an employee benefit that’s ahead of the curve. Not many companies look at financial wellbeing, and by giving Bippit to our employees it’s really nice not to be playing catch up.”


How Bippit can help create happier employees

88% of employees say they want support from a financial coach, which is why Bippit gives employees free 1-1 access to one. 

As Debbie says: “Bippit is great for anyone in our team who needs some guidance. They’ve now got a dedicated place they can go.”

“With that, I think Bippit will create happier and less stressed employees. Employees that can do what they want outside of work with the salary that they earn. This will help drive retention which is key.”

If that’s the future to come, the team at ClickThrough Marketing are already noticing other benefits…

“I was so impressed by how quickly everything works, especially how you can connect your bank accounts and set goals,” says Debbie. “You get real-time data on where you spend your money (utilities, health, leisure etc.) which has really made me stop and think.”

“I also really like the assessment about how financially savvy you are. We have some people who’ve said they struggle to manage their finances. So if Bippit can help them have a little bit more money for the rest of the month then it will really come into its own with Christmas coming up.”


The story so far

In just the first 4 weeks…

  • 77% of employees with have access have registered
  • 40% have messaged their coach, and
  • 10% have had a face-to-face coach video call

Debbie adds: “Bippit is very innovative and forward thinking. No one has even come close to presenting me with something which offers what Bippit can.”

“I think the price is great and what Bippit can give people is exceptional. I really have high hopes for it changing the lives of employees. And I don’t say that lightly.”

Want to learn more about your team’s financial health?

Along with the likes of Gympass, what3words, and Twinkl, ClickThrough Marketing is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform.

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