Financial Wellbeing Case Studies

We help organisations of all sizes launch effective financial wellbeing initiatives, and support the needs of their employees. Here are some of the inspiring stories behind our partnerships.

Why Gympass is embracing financial wellbeing post-Covid

This year we partnered with Gympass to provide access to financial coaching and help the company fulfil their mission of making all types of wellbeing accessible for all.

Find out how they have delivered a new level of support to their members, and made sure that everyone has all the tools they need to deal with financial stress.  

How Bippit helps Twinkl strengthen their wellbeing offering

Having given their employees access to Bippit’s financial coaching, Twinkl’s COO David Angrave speaks to us about the importance of creating a holistic employee wellbeing programme.

One that meets employees where they are, and offers physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. 

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