Financial wellbeing webinars

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about financial wellbeing. From understanding the impact on your workforce, to implementing a successful strategy. 

Rewriting retirement: How to help employees plan for later life

Care homes and later living support costs on average £50K+ per year, and can become a source of emotional and financial strain for those directly impacted. In this special webinar Bippit is joined by an expert guest from Lottie as we discuss how to help employees plan for later life and normalise the conversation around money.

Time to talk day: Is it time to undo the money taboo?

Time to talk day exists to help us break down the stigma around mental health, and after a turbulent year, financial concerns are now the No.1 cause of stress for employees. To unpack this subject and discuss psychological safety in the workplace, Bippit was joined by special guests from Champion Health and Towergate.

International women’s day: Unpacking the gender pension gap

Prospect Union has calculated that the income gap between men and women in retirement is now 38%, more than twice the gender pay gap which is currently 15%. During this session, Bippit along with special guests from Penfold and Healthy Money Mind discuss the drivers for the gender pension gap, and what we can do about it.

Employee wellbeing: managing money and stress over the holidays

The holidays can be a difficult period to navigate for many of us. Especially at the end of an unprecedented year for our mental health and financial wellbeing. In this special webinar, guests from Bippit and Thrive discuss mindfulness and financial stress, along with ways in which businesses can support their people through this time.

Talk Money Week: Adapting support for the Cost of Living

One in four full-time employees are now working extra jobs according to PwC, and more than half admit to being stressed about their finances on a daily basis. In this session, our expert panel explores the impact of these financial pressures on employees, and what businesses can do to support their people over the coming years.

The Cost of Living: Impact on employee wellbeing this winter

Many employees are facing a winter of anxiety and difficult decisions, while businesses are under increasing pressure as they navigate the economic climate themselves. In this webinar, Bippit and Self Space explore the impact that soaring inflation is having on on the mental health and wellbeing of employees.

The Cost of Living: How affected are employees right now?

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has sounded the alarm bell, and warned that the Cost of Living crisis “poses a threat of pandemic proportions”. In this session, our expert panel will unpack why so many employees are struggling, and how businesses are reacting while under increasing pressure to adjust pay and support for their people.

Time to Talk Day: Money and mental health at work

Time to Talk Day is an opportunity to promote a more supportive environment at work by having conversations with colleagues about their emotional health. In this interactive session, an expert panel provides tools and takeaways to help employees open up about their mental health and money worries without stigma.

Supporting employee wellbeing in early parenthood

Becoming a parent can be a turbulent time, with exhilarating emotions combined with feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted, and anxious. However, there is so much that employers can do to support their employees, both financially and emotionally, which can improve the lives of the new parents.

Tackling stress at work with mental and financial wellbeing

18 million working days are lost each year due to stress and anxiety, with 60% of employees ranking financial matters as the #1 cause. To support National Stress Awareness Day, Bippit financial coach, Steve Williams and Spill therapist, Graham Landi talk about how we can tackle this problem.

The impact of professional coaching on growth & wellbeing

With increasing workplace pressure, and stress in our private lives, businesses are searching for the most effective solutions for their people. In this webinar, professional coaching experts, More Happi explain why one-to-one support helps reduce stress, improve wellbeing, and make employees feel more secure.

Tackling burnout, so you and your team can thrive

Burnout is sadly on the rise. The World Health Organisation has recognised it as a medical condition, and Covid-19 has seen a sharp increase in cases. In this webinar, author and coach Selina Barker discusses how to navigate burnout and thrive in today’s past-paced environment. 

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