Financial wellbeing webinars

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about financial wellbeing. From understanding the impact on your workforce, to implementing a successful strategy. 

Tackling stress at work with mental and financial wellbeing

18 million working days are lost each year due to stress and anxiety, with 60% of employees ranking financial matters as the #1 cause. To support National Stress Awareness Day, Bippit financial coach, Steve Williams and Spill therapist, Graham Landi talk about how we can tackle this problem.

Under pressure: The hidden cost of lifting lockdown

There are unprecedented opportunities as we emerge from lockdown, but also huge challenges for how businesses support their people, and heightened anxiety for employees themselves. Wellbeing expert, Charlotte Wiseman unpacks this changing landscape and explains how we can navigate this new normal.

Tackling burnout, so you and your team can thrive

Burnout is sadly on the rise. The World Health Organisation has recognised it as a medical condition, and Covid-19 has seen a sharp increase in cases. In this webinar, author and coach Selina Barker discusses how to navigate burnout and thrive in today’s past-paced environment. 

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