Why PensionBee is using Bippit to boost employee development

With over 175,000 invested customers, PensionBee makes pensions simple, so that everyone can look forward to a happy retirement.

The company aims to help customers create a future of financial freedom, but this aim also applies to their staff as Rosalinda Buttice, PensionBee’s Head of People, explains…

“At PensionBee, it’s our mission to create an inclusive working environment where everyone has equal access to opportunities, and is treated with fairness and dignity. As part of this, we strive to give all of our employees meaningful benefits that boost their financial, mental, and physical wellbeing, while also attracting and retaining talent.”

“In the face of the recent Cost of Living crisis, we wanted to provide our employees with the tools to help them manage their finances. ”

This search led PensionBee to Bippit.

Giving employees tailored and trusted expert support

Bippit’s financial wellbeing platform gives every employee access to a 1-1 financial coach so they feel more confident about their finances. All of the coaches are qualified professionals with years of study, and years of experience helping people.

They also adhere to the highest standards of conduct and ethics, to provide trusted support, and it was this coaching experience that initially drew PensionBee to Bippit.

“The main thing that attracted us to Bippit is that every employee has free access to their own expert financial coach,” says Rosalinda. “This gives them the tailored support and coaching they need to achieve their financial goals.”

“That said, we were also impressed by the many tools Bippit had to offer to help users at every step in their financial journey, such as goal tracking, budgeting tools and webinars.”

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The importance of financial resilience

According to PwC, 88% of employees say that they want support from an impartial financial expert, and making sure staff are happy and heard is key to retention and talent attraction.

Rosalinda adds: “Bippit will help our employees boost their financial resilience, while assisting personal development, and that development is central to our culture and employee offering.”

Bippit’s professional coaches can deal with queries about pension schemes, equity plans, taxation, and everything in between – giving each employee the risk-free and impartial support they deserve and desire.

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