Why Blis is embracing personalised financial support

Blis delivers personalised and high-performing digital advertising for the world’s largest brands and media agencies.

Key to their success has been building a powerful culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. For Sophie Mann – Employee Experience Specialist at Blis – it’s important that staff feel comfortable enough to bring their authentic selves to work.

It’s why Sophie is continually looking for ways to better support staff, as she explains: “We’ve thought a lot about mental health and have partnered with Spill for this. But we wanted something similar for financial wellbeing.”

“We have a variety of people at Blis. Some younger people who are engaging with financial services for the first time, and others who are seasoned professionals who might need a better steer on areas such as investing.”

“We wanted to give them, and everyone across the company, dedicated support so they know what they can do with their money, especially if they’re in a tricky situation, or have a specific concern like how to save better or get started with investing.”

This is what led Blis to Bippit.

The power of personalised financial coaching

Bippit’s financial wellbeing platform matches every employee with a personal financial coach, all based on their needs, goals, and experience. These coaches – who are regulated and qualified professionals, with years of training and experience – can then answer any question, at any time, that employees may have.

This is something that attracted Sophie to Bippit…

“I really like the idea of being able to speak to your own financial coach on Bippit. That kind of thing is so hard and expensive to do in London, or anywhere, yet it’s so much more personable. It makes you far more engaged in the process as you know you can have a conversation with someone one on one.”

“If you pay for help from a normal financial advisor you might have a conversation and then be left to your own devices. With Bippit’s coaches you can constantly check whether you’re doing the right thing, and get support for free as an employee benefit. That gives you huge peace of mind, and means that it’s available to everyone, no matter what their situation is.”

“Bippit’s coaches aren’t there to tell you off for what you’ve done in the past, they just want to help you create healthier habits for the future. You can also link Bippit to your bank accounts so that whenever you’re speaking to your coach you can talk about what’s really going on.”


The importance of an all-in-one financial wellbeing platform

Bippit is an entirely independent organisation, and there’s no hidden agenda to upsell other financial services, meaning every employee gets the risk-free and impartial support they deserve.

Instead of asking (or being embarrassed to ask) HR for support on taxation, insurance cover, or pensions, employees can instead get answers from their personal financial coach. This frees up time for HR professionals so they can focus on the big picture, rather than trying to be an expert in financial matters.

Sophie adds: “our employees cover a wide age bracket, from mid-20s to 50s, so we needed a solution that could cover all aspects of financial wellbeing. Bippit does that.”

“It doesn’t just tell you how much you need to save in a given month. It goes beyond that by encouraging healthy habits which put you in a much stronger financial position.”

“Bippit’s weekly newsletters are also so good and really informative, as are the regular webinars. With any employee tool like this it’s all about engagement. Little things like a newsletter or webinar continually remind people that Bippit’s there, helpful, and easy to use.”


Looking ahead…

All of Blis’ employees in the UK now have full access to Bippit, something Sophie says will help with talent retention and attraction.

“We want people to stay at Blis because of our environment, support, and benefits. Bippit helps with that, but it also makes our benefits offering really enticing and fresh to potential talent. It helps us stand out from the rest.

Want to support your own team with the Cost of Living?

Along with the likes of Sipsmith and Beam, Blis is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform. 

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