Providing Cubitts staff with a toolkit for happiness and success

Two thirds of us wear spectacles. Half of us wear them every day.

Despite this, Cubitts (a modern spectacle maker born in London) says the industry hasn’t changed in three hundred years, products have become tired, and standards have become poor. So they’re working to “drag this $130bn industry into the modern age.”

To do this, they’re always on the lookout for talented people to join them, and to stay with them. Emilie Rytter Dahl, Community Associate at Cubitts, explains: “Cubitts has grown a lot, and so we need to respond to the changing needs of our employees if we want to attract and retain talent.”

“It’s important that we ask ourselves how we can take care of people as a company. How can we build a toolkit of benefits, that people can use to create the life they want?”

“We always check in with staff to review the internal benefits we offer, and in a recent community survey the demand was clear: people wanted access to a financial wellbeing platform.”

This is what led Cubitts to Bippit…

“We sat down with different providers but decided to partner with Bippit for a few reasons,” says Emilie. “They were very humble about the reasons why their platform would suit our team, and it came recommended by other brands using Bippit too, including Astrid & Miyu.”

“Bippit, and all the resources it offers, felt like it would work really well for our team’s varying needs right now.”

When a company signs up to Bippit, every one of their employees is matched 1-1 with a professionally qualified financial coach. These coaches come with years of training, years of experience, and adhere to the highest standards of conduct and ethics.

“The fact that you can get one-on-one time with a financial professional is a really valuable aspect of the partnership,” adds Emilie.

“We’re living in difficult times right now, and I think everyone is struggling in different ways. Having Bippit gives our people another tool they can use to understand their finances better, both in the short and long term.”


Encouraging financial confidence with Bippit

9/10 employees say they want support from an impartial financial expert. This is why Bippit has become such a popular platform for forward-thinking employers.

Our professional coaches can deal with queries about pension schemes, equity plans, taxation, and insurance benefits. This helps support employees, but also frees up company time so those in HR or finance can focus on the big picture rather than having to handle everyday financial questions.

Emilie says: “friends of mine at different companies use Bippit, and I’ve heard extremely good reviews from them. They’ve told me how much more comfortable they feel with their finances and future goals.”

“We’ve only just given staff access to Bippit, but when we told them about the platform there was a really good response across our stores and HQ teams.”

“The platform is easy to use and fully mobile. It’s so accessible for everyone. You’re never unsure of what to do or how it works. It’s really great.”


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Along with the likes of HelloFresh and Beam, Cubitts is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform.

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