How Juro is using Bippit to help employees in their key life moments

Named as London’s number one startup to work for in 2022Juro is an all-in-one contract automation platform that enables teams to streamline the creation, execution, and management of routine contracts at scale.

Their diverse team spans multiple countries and functions, and is built on a culture of shared values and behaviours. A culture that allows everyone to work well together. Every day.

Startups aren’t known for stability, but Juro wants to buck that trend by offering a benefits package that gives employees security while they’re with the company. The company reviewed this package earlier in the year, with very interesting results. Abby Matthews, Senior People Partner at Juro, explains…

“Our CEO and our Director of People and Talent did a whole exercise looking at the different types of people in the company and what benefits would suit them. They asked people what was important and tested some options.”

“We did a test with Bippit and another leading provider and that was really useful. Our people got to see Bippit for themselves and understand what the financial coaching entailed.”

“The whole process renewed our desire to help people with their key life moments – whether they were buying a house, thinking about retirement, getting married, or starting a family.”

The impact of financial stress on employee wellbeing

Abby continues: “A lot of life’s big moments revolve around money. With everything going on with the Cost of Living crisis and inflation, it’s become even more clear that people need financial support. People are thinking about, and talking about, their finances more than ever.”

Research has shown that employees are twice as likely to leave when they’re anxious about their finances, and Juro wanted to make sure their staff had the guidance they needed to navigate financial issues.

“We want to make sure our team’s financial wellbeing is stable,” says Abby. “We provide assistance for mental health, but we know that poor mental health is often the result of financial stress and anxiety, so we felt we weren’t offering enough support around financial wellbeing.”

This is when Juro began the process of looking for a suitable financial wellbeing partner.

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Why Juro chose Bippit over other providers

When a company partners with Bippit, every one of their employees gets access to a dedicated one-to-one financial coach. A qualified professional who has trained for years, and is matched to the employee based on their needs, whatever they may be.

This appealed to Juro as they wanted a platform that all of their people could take part in and make use of. “We needed a solution that was very user friendly and flexible when it came to dealing with questions and feedback,” says Abby.

“We did a test with Bippit and another leading provider and that was really useful. Our people got to see Bippit for themselves and understand what the financial coaching entailed. Employees gave us their feedback and we even went to Bippit with some suggestions about the service which they were really receptive to.”

“With everything going on, now is a great time for Bippit to be rolled out… People want financial support more than ever.”

“It’s great partnering with Bippit as we’re going on a similar journey. We’re a business that’s growing quickly like them and understand the desire to constantly improve the effectiveness of a solution. We wanted a partner who was open to our feedback, and that partner was Bippit.”

“Bippit’s coaching certainly attracted us. It wasn’t something we’d seen and the support given by the coaches is really good. The app also has a range of features, including its messaging features, which are all very easy to use.”

How Bippit will help Juro in the long term

Bippit’s professional coaches can deal with staff queries about pension schemes, equity plans, taxation, insurance cover and more. This frees up company time, but can also help employees get more from their existing benefits.

Abby says: “I think new discoveries will come from our team using Bippit, perhaps about what we can add to our benefits packages. Having spoken to their coaches, our people team may learn more about certain schemes that we can be involved in. I also think we’ll get a lot of feedback from our people which will help us improve.”

“With everything going on, now is a great time for Bippit to be rolled out. People want financial support more than ever.”

Check out Juro’s explainer for more information on contract management software.

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