How Blurred is building best-in-class benefits with Bippit

Blurred is a leading global strategic and creative advisory firm. They work with FTSE 100 companies, Fortune 500 multinational organisations, and the world’s leading brands to help them understand their purpose, impact (both environmentally and socially) and in terms of governance.

The company has a number of forward-thinking practices in place. Whether that’s partnering with companies who are actively working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, or publically committing to reporting diversity and carbon targets.

Blurred’s passion for the planet and people shines through in their work, and is one of the reasons why they’re B Corp certified. They also have a range of initiatives in place to ensure their employees have the support they need to grow. Rachel Minty, Blurred’s Managing Director, explains…

“Coaching is at the heart of our employee proposition.”

“We offer everyone ongoing access to an executive coach, something lots of people take up on a biweekly or monthly basis, and it’s central to our ethos of betterment.”

“We find that it’s a really great way for people to arm themselves with the tools they need for their own development, and it gives them a forum in which they can focus on their career development on an ongoing basis.”

The financial effects of the pandemic and cost of living increases

The number of people in the UK with ‘low financial resilience’ grew by a third post-pandemic, and with living costs set to rise in the coming months, it was important for Rachel that Blurred found new ways to support their staff.

“We get overwhelmingly positive feedback on the coaching we offer, and so when I saw Bippit’s financial coaching service it immediately piqued my interest. Financial coaching isn’t something we’ve done before, but Bippit really resonated with me, especially in the context of rising living costs.”


Creating a tailor-made benefits package

The Bippit platform offers something for everyone, no matter their age, background, or situation. Every employee has access to a personalised plan and all the tools they need to build a more secure future.

This is something that appealed to Rachel: “Our team is made up of a range of ages and life stages. The Bippit platform gives each of them support, regardless of their level of knowledge.”

“It’s easy to understand, and you can engage with it on a number of different levels, whether through 1-1 coaching or leveraging the open banking tools to analyse your spending.”

“Bippit felt like a natural extension to the benefits we offer, as we don’t believe that one set package fits everyone, and want to make sure that we have a broad range for people to choose from based on what they need at that moment and where they’re at in life.”

“We’re adopting Bippit to further ensure our team has an outstanding package of benefits.”


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Along with the likes of Sipsmith and What3words, Blurred is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform. 

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