Helping Vita Mojo create a healthy working environment

Vita Mojo is on a mission to improve the way the world eats and drinks, with their award-winning technology now used by the likes of Nando’s and Leon. However, their forward-thinking approach is not just limited to the technology they provide, but also to the workplace they have created.

This is something which has become increasingly important given the current Cost of Living situation in the UK. Hannah Halder, the company’s Head of People and Culture, explains…

“From conversations with our team, we know that the Cost of Living crisis is at the forefront of their minds and that there’s a deep need for financial literacy and support. Worrying about money has a huge impact on mental health, and having a solid knowledge-base around the topic can help support overall wellbeing.”


Adopting an all-encompassing approach to employee wellbeing

As part of their approach to wellbeing, Vita Mojo uses Everymind at Work’s three-pillar approach, as they aim to:

  1. Create a healthy and psychologically safe workplace by identifying and removing stressors.
  2. Improve the way Mojis respond to stress with the right resources and education. 
  3. Minimise severe consequences by helping individuals cope more effectively when there is a crisis or impact event.

“These are the principles around which our approach to wellbeing support has been built,” says Hannah. “We’ve invested in the physical and mental health of our team for a while, and have been looking at financial wellbeing as the last piece of the holistic puzzle.”

“I haven’t loved the financial wellbeing products that I have seen previously, but when I found Bippit I was incredibly excited. It hits the sweet-spot between providing the right level of support that’s both approachable and personalised.”

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Creating a personalised approach to financial wellbeing

Research shows that employees are twice as likely to leave if they are anxious about their finances. Bippit’s financial wellbeing platform addresses this by providing each employee with their own 1-1 coach who offers tailored financial support. As Hannah explains, this is something that drew Vita Mojo to Bippit.

“We all have similar needs, but the way those needs are met vary from person to person. Within our team we have different levels of financial literacy and different needs. Simply doing workshops or lunch and learn sessions wouldn’t address the range we have.”

“We currently offer personal and professional coaching for our team and know how well that works, so Bippit was a natural fit for us.”

“We love that you can work with a coach on anything from basic budgeting, to planning for the future, or even understanding cryptocurrency! That’s true personalisation and means that Mojis can choose the support they need and will find the most valuable.”

“It’s like having a friend who’s a financial expert”

Hannah continues: “we absolutely love Bippit’s Open Banking functionality, and how you can connect your financial accounts to your profile if you wish. The platform is user-friendly and the goal setting is a great way to stay motivated and keep track of how things are going.”

“Overall, Bippit is just very easy to use. It’s like having a friend who is a financial expert! Someone who’s there to guide you without judgement.”

If you want to improve your team’s financial wellbeing like Vita Mojo, book a free Financial Wellbeing Lunch & Learn for your workplace.

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