Webinar: How to create a pension strategy that boosts engagement, improves wellbeing, and saves your business money


During our nationwide employee survey, we found that only 18% of employees think they will have enough money to retire on 🤯

Although auto-enrolment has seen 10 million more employees start saving for retirement, the average amount saved (£2,700 a year) means that there’s a huge pension funding gap in the UK. With a growing pension poverty crisis, Aviva have warned minimum contributions aren’t enough to provide the level of retirement income employees want. 

So how can we encourage employees to contribute more to their pension? With many employers struggling to boost engagement even when offering generous contribution matching, we’re tackling this question head-on as part of Pensions Awareness Day on the 15th September.

Steven Williams
Financial Coach


Grace Tolley-Smith
Bippit Co-Founder

Join expert financial coach Steven Williams, and Bippit Co-Founder Grace Tolley-Smith, to learn how to educate and engage your employees about their pension, support them through different stages of their career, and the positive impact this can have on the financial health of your employees and your business.


📅 Wednesday 15th September

⏰ 11am

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