Why do businesses spend more on office fruit than the financial wellbeing of their employees?

Businesses can lose 15% of their payroll when employees are worried about their finances.

Let’s do something about that…

Why we worry about money…

Very few of us are truly taught how to manage money or make the most of it. (At Bippit we’ve got the financial scars to prove it!)

It’s not the done thing to talk about money or ask for help.

And getting support from financial experts is expensive, intimidating, or simply not accessible.

So instead we, and your employees, sit in silence. Worrying. 

“In my early 20s I was really struggling with my finances.

What I really needed was someone to talk to, but I was embarrassed to tell friends, and didn’t want to worry my family.

We’ve built Bippit to provide ongoing confidential support, so nobody needs to sit in silence anymore

Samuel Lathey – CEO 

Here’s a better idea!

(One that’s both common sense & business sense) 

What if you gave your employees access to an expert financial support system?

One which was confidential, tailored to them, and fast.

Which made them less stressed and more productive. Gave quick answers to problems your HR or Finance team normally spends time solving. And made them feel more confident at work and settled in their job.

This is Bippit

Financial wellbeing isn’t simply an employee perk. It’s a company benefit that saves time & money (see the stats)

Bippit exists to give employees the support they need to be confident in their money, future, and job.

And we’re on a mission to make getting financial support as simple and normal as getting an apple from the office fruit bowl.

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