Everyone has a money story

And talking about them shouldn’t be taboo

Sam’s story

CEO and Co-founder, Sam Lathey, talks about how his passion to build Bippit came from his own experience of a financial shock, and how shame stopped him reaching out for help. 

Erich’s story

CTO and Co-founder, Erich, talks about how investing in your education can have a long-lasting impact, and the discipline that was needed to pay back private student loans in America.


We all have financial concerns

Whether it’s dealing with debt, navigating life events, or maximising our wealth.

But talking about money with friends or family can be difficult.

Now thanks to Bippit, everyone can get confidential support, from a qualified professional, to deal with their concerns and achieve their goals.

We’ll help your team with the support they need

Support that’s tailored, confidential, and fast.

That helps employees feel less stressed, more productive, and more settled in their job.

And provides quick answers to questions that your HR team has to deal with.

Ready to explore how Bippit can support your team?

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