How Bippit works

Professional coaching

Every employee is perfectly matched to a dedicated financial coach, with years of professional experience and the highest qualifications. This ensures that everyone receives the right support for their unique situation.

All our coaches are strictly vetted, professionally regulated, and completely impartial.


Powerful tools

With Bippit, there’s something for everyone, no matter your age, background, or situation.

We make sure that every employee has access to a personalised plan, and all the tools they need to build a more secure future. Whether that be tracking goals, analysing spending, reviewing a healthcheck, or participating in challenges.

Practical resources

Personalised learning resources help employees improve their financial confidence, organise their financial future, and take action.

All the resources in Bippit’s platform are created by financial experts so they’re relevant, targeted, and easy to understand.

Interactive workshops

On a monthly basis, your entire team can join wellbeing workshops run by our coaches.

These sessions cover everything from pensions and protection, to budgeting and Bitcoin… and everything inbetween.

Employees love what we do

One platform for all your people

Dedicated support from qualified experts


 1:1 coaching via video or message 

With no hidden agenda, and no products to sell


 Regulated professionals (not certified amateurs) 

Years of training, and the highest standards of conduct & ethics from the FCA


Every coach is fully qualified with a wealth of experience 

Strictly vetted experts, for the risk-free support your people deserve

Ready to explore how Bippit can support your team?

Built as a force for good