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This session is for HR professionals who want to tackle money stigma in order to drive better business outcomes.

Poor financial wellbeing negatively affects retention and engagement, but you’ll never know the true extent because 58% of employees with money worries are not prepared to tell you.

Attend this training and you’ll leave with a better understanding of how to tackle money stigma, so that financial worries are surfaced and tackled.

This will help reduce the impact of money worries on employee productivity, retention and engagement and create a stronger, more stable culture.

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22% of your employees worry every day about money – and eight in 10 of these have not told you about their woes.


We must normalise the conversation about money and create cultures of psychological safety, where people at all levels of the organisation feel confident talking about money.

During this live training, expect lots of insight and knowledge around how you as an HR team can normalise the conversation around money and drive better-quality conversations with better outcomes at all levels.


Tackling money stigma by learning from the mental health movement

In this live training, we welcome Neil Laybourn, mental health ambassador and experienced industry professional, to share lessons in how society has addressed mental health stigma and driven better conversations.

Neil’s journey and passion in mental health & wellbeing stems from his own profound experience of instigating a suicide intervention on London Waterloo bridge after witnessing a stranger attempting to take their own life in 2008.

When both men reunited through a globally reaching social media campaign, Neil’s role in that intervention while continuing awareness of suicide through a TV documentary reaching millions of viewers was recognised through a Pride of Britain award.

Since then, Neil has become a leading UK mental health advocate, delivering talks and seminars internationally to dismantle mental health stigma, campaigning alongside British Royalty and raising money while providing ambassador roles for leading mental health charities – this work led to Neil receiving his Honorary Doctorate from Bristol University.

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