Professional support from qualified experts 


 1:1 coaching via video or message 

With no hidden agenda, and no products to sell


 Regulated professionals (not certified amateurs) 

Years of training, and the highest standards of conduct & ethics from the FCA


Every coach is fully qualified with a wealth of experience 

Strictly vetted experts, for the risk-free support your people deserve

What is Bippit?
What is Bippit?
Bippit is a company on a mission to make financial coaching available to everyone, no matter their age, wealth, or situation. 

Bippit’s platform creates a safe and secure way to connect with a qualified professional about any concerns or questions you might have about financial matters, and because Bippit is an independent organisation, the support remains completely confidential, with no hidden agenda, and no products to sell. 

All Bippit coaches are professionally qualified and registered with the FCA, so they adhere to a strict code of conduct and ethical standards, and most have been providing expert support for decades. They’re there to help employees understand how things work, what their options are, and the pros and cons of any financial solution. 

Employees can use them as a sounding board, a support system, and a financial guide, while accessing the latest tech and tools to understand and manage their finances, both at home and at work.

Do employees have to pay for Bippit?
Bippit is an employee benefit, so access to the platform and coaches is completely free for employees.
What can Bippit help with?
We’ve built Bippit to help everyone take control of their financial future with the support of 1:1 financial coaching. Our professionally qualified coaches will be able to help with all of the following areas:
– Understanding pensions
– How share plans work
– Managing a budget
– Paying off debt
– Building an emergency fund
– Starting a family
– Getting on the property ladder
– Investing for the future
– Making sense of insurance
– And everything inbetween

We’ve worked hard to build useful tools so that you can see the wood for the trees, understand your money better, and stay organised with your financial goals.

How does Bippit make money?
We make money purely as an employee benefit. Businesses pay us a subscription fee to provide our platform and 1-1 financial coaching to their employees.
Who can work for Bippit?
FCA registered advisors and financial planners with at least Level 4 qualifications, who are not restricted by their employment contracts for having outside interests, can apply to join our platform. We’re a young startup with a global mission, and want to help shape the future of financial services, so we’re constantly improving the service, and the best Bippit coaches are here to do the same.
Is Bippit confidential?
Yes, the entire platform is a confidential, safe space for everyone to get the support they need. We ensure that all sensitive information and conversations are encrypted with bank grade security, and our coaches adhere to the highest ethical standards from the CISI.

As part of our service as an employee benefit, we will on occasion provide fully anonymised and aggregated reports to your employer, to ensure they would never be able to identify an individual. This is limited solely to registration numbers and engagement so they can monitor the success of Bippit as an employee benefit.

How fast can Bippit be launched?
You can roll-out Bippit as an employee benefit in less than a day if you wish. There’s no need for lengthy integrations or training, so you can enjoy instant setup and start delivering all-in-one financial wellbeing straight away.
How do employees get started?

Employees can register directly on their desktop via or download the app through the Apple App store or Google Play store. Registration takes 90 seconds and during this time employees are matched with their very own financial coach who is right for their unique situation.

Our coaches
Is Bippit a chatbot?
No, your Bippit coach is a real person! Our financial lives are way too complex and unique for a bot to provide the support that we need, so we made sure that there’s always a real person helping you with your finances. We might send the occasional automated update, but rest assured your coach is always there ready to help whenever you need some support.
Do employees always speak to the same coach?
Yes they do. We’ve found that the best way to help employees make progress and have a great experience is to build a relationship over time with a dedicated expert.

We’ll likely have many different financial accounts, cards, products, and services throughout our financial life, but it’s rare to have more than one financial coach.

How do you match employees with a coach?
When registering on the Bippit platform, we ask employees a few things to make sure that they’re matched with a coach that’s right for their situation. So if you tell us that your goals are to save more, get on the property ladder, and start contributing to your pension, we’ll match you with a coach with specialisms in saving, mortgages, and pensions. On the other hand if you want to plan for a family and start investing, you’ll be matched with a coach who specialises in protection and investment.

Whatever your goals, we’ll make sure you’re matched with an expert who can help you in the most effective way, but if there’s ever something that they don’t know, they’ll find a colleague who can jump in and help.

Are employees being recommended products?
Absolutely not. We created Bippit to make impartial support available to everyone. So our coaches help employees understand how things work, what their options are (including any pros and cons), so that everyone can be armed with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their finances, both at home and at work.
How quickly will a coach respond?
With Bippit you can ask detailed questions whenever you need to, and your coach will reply as soon as they can. Bippit coaches will always get back to you within 48h, but it can be as quick as a few hours.

When it comes to our finances, we’ve found that instant answers are less important than making sure the responses you get are well-considered, insightful, and valuable.

How many people does a coach look after?
By utilising Open Banking and leveraging the latest technology, our coaches can now spend 100% of their time helping people. This means that they can help more people than ever before – sometimes as many as 10x more, without any drop in the personal support they deliver.
Can employees change their coach?
We work really hard to make sure that every coach is matched to the unique needs of every employee, but if things change, or if you feel like it’s not a good fit, we can swap you over to someone who’s more appropriate. All you need to do is visit the support section in the Bippit platform or email us at [email protected] to make the request.
What’s the difference between a financial “coach” and an “advisor”?
Bippit’s financial coaches have all qualified as professional financial advisors or planners, and are there to help you understand how things work, what your options are, and the pros and cons of each solution. But what they won’t try to do is sell you a product like a financial advisor would. This means our coaches stay completely impartial, fully independent, and they have no incentives other than to help you.
Service & security
Is Bippit regulated?

Bippit is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Registered Account Information Service Provider (RAISP), which means we are held to the highest standards for data protection. Additionally, every coach on the Bippit platform has FCA-recognised qualifications and adheres to a strict code-of-conduct from the FCA.

How do you protect data?
Bippit is registered with the ICO, regulated by the FCA, and uses bank-grade security. As part of our regulation by the FCA, Bippit’s service has been built using the latest technology and the highest security standards.
How much information do the coaches see?
After employees have been matched with a coach, they’ll be able to see the information provided during registration, such as age, gender, and the goals that employees want to achieve. This is the first step towards supporting everyone on their own unique journey.

If employees take a healthcheck or connect any financial accounts through Open Banking, their coach will be able to see some of these high-level details, to help them provide meaningful support. However, they will never see any specifics about individual transactions or spending habits.

What is Open Banking?
Open banking is a government mandated system that has forced every bank in the UK to give it’s customers control over their data for the very first time. Through this secure and encrypted system, your data can now be synchronized with other secure platforms, helping you access useful products and services.

You can think of Open Banking as a digitisation of taking your bank statements with you to meet a financial expert in person, only much easier and far more secure.

How does Open Banking work?
To enhance some of Bippit’s features (like automatic goal tracking and spending analysis), you can connect financial accounts via Open Banking using our trusted partner, TrueLayer.

Transaction information will then be securely encrypted and synchronised with bank-grade security on an ongoing basis unless you withdraw your consent. Truelayer is the market leader for Open Banking in Europe, powering household names like Revolut, Freetrade, and Nutmeg.

What financial accounts do you support?
Through our integration with Truelayer, Bippit is able to connect to 99% of the UK’s current accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards.
Can I add details about my property, pension, and investments?
We’re working hard on making ISA’s, Investment Accounts, Pensions, and Mortgages available to sync with the platform as well, but for the time being the details of any of these financial products can be entered manually.
What happens if we change our company headcount?
The cost of Bippit for the businesses we support will typically increase or decrease proportionally if the headcount of your organisation changes. This is something that we check on a monthly basis to ensure that you’re not paying more than is needed.
Can Bippit help with joint accounts / household finances?
Through the platform employees can always have conversations with their coach about household finances, and through the Open Banking system any joint accounts that they have access to can be added.

In the future, we want to provide secure access for partners, spouses, and family members so you can share access and have group conversations, but for the moment it’s restricted to single sign-on.

What if an employee leaves the company or is on parental leave?
Moving jobs and taking care of a newborn are some of the most complicated times in our financial lives. That’s why we make sure that employees have continued access to the platform free of charge, while on leave, or if they’re moving to a new job.

If their new employer doesn’t provide access to Bippit, then employees will eventually lose access to their coach, but they can still use the rest of the platform and see any old messages.

Are you on iOS and Android?
Like many products, we made the decision to release the app on iOS ahead of Android.

We expect the Android app to be ready soon, but in the meantime everyone can access a fully optimised mobile experience on their phone by logging in via

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