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How Twinkl improved their financial wellbeing

Twinkl is the market-leading supplier to UK schools, and their mission to improve education & wellbeing extends to their own staff as well.

Why listening to feedback led Acacia to financial coaching

Acacia training was founded to deliver training that improves lives through quality education. It’s a mission that extends beyond the environments they work in as they support the health and wellbeing of their team. Learn more

How Bippit is supporting Digital Detox with their B Corp ambitions

Digital Detox creates future-proof products in the most digitally sustainable ways possible. Over the past year they’ve increased their employee wellbeing offering to cement their position as a company for good. Learn more

Why Gympass is embracing holistic financial wellbeing

Gympass partnered with Bippit to provide financial coaching and fulfil their mission of making wellbeing fully accessible. Find out how they provided a complete 360º solution to deal with financial stress. Learn more

Clickthrough Marketing wants to change lives with Bippit

Clickthrough Marketing use leading experts to drive business growth. To do this they need a team who are happy & supported, so when a need for financial coaching emerged in employee surveys, they decided to take action. Learn more

Learn why Platypus uses Bippit for financial wellbeing

Platypus supports charities, social enterprises, and other organisations making a positive difference in the world. It’s no surprise then, that Matt Collins wanted his team to have all the support they need to make that difference. Learn more

See how Bippit helps Twinkl provide trusted support

Having provided their employees with access to Bippit’s financial coaching platform, the management of Twinkl explain why creating an employee wellbeing program, that’s impartial and holistic, is so important. Learn more

Happy employees = happy companies

“James had a clear understanding of the financial issues we discussed, which was extremely helpful. He answered questions I didn’t know I needed to be asking!”

Claire from Twinkl

“Bippit’s coach helped me discuss some personal issues, and made everything very clear. He was also very patient and not ruffled by my many questions!”

Chris from Gympass

“10/10. My coach helped me to better understand a question I’ve been thinking about for a while”

David from Twinkl

“I received reliable support that I’ll be applying to my finances in the future. I would thoroughly recommend Bippit to anyone looking to understand their money better!”

Katie from GIA

“Super clear and simple explanations with practical examples. Loved the structure. I’ve learnt a lot and found that all the info is really digestible.”

Jess from Twinkl

“I spoke with a Bippit expert and he was able to quickly understand my problem and provide me with different options. I feel much more confident about my finances now.”

Paul from Gympass

“Can’t recommend it enough. Talking with my coach was really simple, and she made everything really clear and straightforward”

Amy from GIA

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