Lunch & Learn: Supporting the wellbeing of your employees in early parenthood

Becoming a parent can be a turbulent time, with the most exhilarating of emotions combined with feelings of being overwhelmed,  exhausted, and anxious.  However, there is so much that employers can do during this time to support their employees, both financially and emotionally, which not only helps improve the lives of the new parents, but also increases engagement, productivity and retention at work.

At the current level of UK statutory maternity pay, a new parent on a £30k annual salary can see a drop in earnings of 58% over the first 33 weeks. However, it’s not only financially preparedness where employees may need support, as new parents can experience feelings of loneliness and anxiety from the physical and social demands of looking after a young child.

In fact, a lack of understanding, support and flexibility for new parents, particularly mothers, exacerbates problems of female representation within senior positions at organisations; one of the key reasons for the gender pay gap in the UK.

Join us on 23rd November at 12pm where Rebekah Calladine, Director of Baby Services from Peppy and Chelsea Dennison, qualified financial planner and Bippit Coach, will be chatting with Bippit’s co-founder, Grace Tolley-Smith, and sharing insights on how we can supporting the wellbeing needs of employees in early parenthood and the positive impact that it can have on a business.

📅  Tuesday 23rd November

⏱️ 12pm

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Rebekah Calladine
Director of Baby Services


Grace Tolley-Smith
Bippit Co-Founder

Chelsea Dennison
Bippit Financial Coach

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