The impact of professional coaching on growth and wellbeing 

Join Bippit and More Happi for an open discussion about how professional coaching is shaping the future of personal growth and wellbeing on Thursday 28th April at 12pm.

With Stress Awareness Month drawing to a close, and as we navigate through a cost of living crisis, we’ll be exploring the impact that professional support can have for employees, and why businesses of all sizes are adopting a more personalised approach for their wellbeing strategy.

📅  Thursday 28th April

⏱️ 12pm

Bippit and More Happi share a common goal…

To support employees, and provide them with a safe confidential space to open up about their hopes, dreams, and fears. 

This includes their personal development, financial wellbeing, and life goals, because when employees can bring their whole selves to work, without any unnecessary stress and anxiety, it improves a company’s culture, reduces absenteeism, and boosts retention. 

During the session we will be covering the following topics:

  • The evolution of employee support
  • How 1-to-1 interactions affect wellbeing
  • Tools and takeaways to help equip HR managers
  • Q&A with an panel of wellbeing experts

As we experience ever more workplace pressures, and additional stress in our private lives, businesses are increasing their employee support, and finding that 1:1 coaching is the most effective solution to help their workforce.

Indeed, professional coaching has been proven to…

Make employees at least 60% happier after development coaching.

And increase their wealth by £47k over 10 years with help from a finance professional.

📅  Thursday 28th April

⏱️ 12pm

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