We’ll look after your people (and your bottom line)

Boost retention

Employees are twice as likely to leave when they’re anxious about their finances. Bippit can deal with that stress so your team feels more settled in their job.


Of millennials want to work for a company that cares about their financial wellbeing

PWC financial wellness survey

Reduce costs

Help your team engage with your workplace pension and save money at your business through reduced NI payments. Lead the way with employee care by including financial support in your wellbeing strategy.


Of employees intend to increase their pension contributions after using Bippit’s platform.

Bippit employee survey 2021

Save time

Bippit’s professional coaches can deal with queries about pension schemes, equity plans, taxation, and insurance cover. Free-up time in HR so you can focus on the big picture.


Of employees say that they want support from an impartial financial expert

PWC financial wellness survey

Improve productivity

Bippit reinforces your employee support and personal development. Saving you up to 15% of payroll costs, with a workforce that’s more motivated, engaged, and productive.


Of employees say that money worries directly impact them at work

PWC financial wellness survey

Why Wesleyan is focused on financial wellbeing

Wesleyan is the market-leading financial advice firm for teachers, doctors, and dentists.

They protect the financial future of professionals that we all trust, and now Bippit are supporting their retention strategy and their employees.

We’ll help you create lasting change

Supporting not exploiting

Unlike other companies, we’re not here to make money from recommending products or selling data. We’re here to make sure every employee feels comfortable and respected.

Ongoing and effective

Bippit is an ongoing and personalised support system for everyday issues. Helpful reminders and useful resources ensure lasting employee engagement, not a one-hit wonder.

Holistic support for everyone

Financial coaching is an essential part of a modern wellbeing strategy. Bippit provides your people with professional support, to deal with any questions or concerns they have.

Get true value from your existing benefits

Compensation and rewards are your biggest investments. We help your people make the most of them.

Financial coaching increases engagement across your benefits, while saving time for HR that’s spent dealing with pension scheme, equity plan, and group protection questions.

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