The Cost of Living: Impact on employee wellbeing this winter 

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has warned that the Cost of Living situation “poses a threat of pandemic proportions”.

Indeed, many employees are facing a winter of anxiety and difficult monetary decisions, while businesses are under increasing pressure to support their people and navigate the economic climate themselves.

Join Bippit and Self Space on Thursday 27th October at 11am as we explore the impact of soaring inflation on the mental health and wellbeing of employees over the coming months.

📅  Thursday 27th October

⏱️ 11am (UK)

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Despite the progress that’s been made in recent years to normalise the conversation around mental health in the workplace, the vast majority of workers are still very reluctant to discuss their money worries.

The truth is, money is still a taboo subject, and with the Cost of Living creating uncertainty and concerns for tens of millions of ordinary workers this winter, the conversation around financial wellbeing and mental health has never been more important.

During the session, our expert panel we will discussing:

  • The Cost of Living situation right now
  • Why our emotions around money are so complex
  • How we hold financial stress and anxiety
  • Dealing with the impact of shame
  • What we can control, and what we can’t
  • The risks to employees over the winter
  • How businesses and employees can thrive

    With living costs continuing to surge, employees are increasingly worried, and unsure where to turn. With the reasons ranging from fear of discrimination, and feelings of shame, to a lack of trust. At the same time, businesses everywhere are under pressure to adjust their compensation and benefits for employees, to retain their best talent and look after their people.

    The questions that are front of mind for most businesses right now are, how can we support their financial wellbeing and look after their mental health at the same time? Should salaries be increased to respond to the needs and demands of employees? Is it a case of introducing more effective, and more personalised support? Or is it simply a case of maintaining our existing policies?

    The truth is, the world of work has experienced a huge shift in recent years, with more power now lying in the hands of employees. Those searching for a new role or exploring their options in 2022 expect the best support, not just the best salary.

    This means, ensuring that compensation is not just a number, but rather a culture of care. The good news is that financial wellbeing support, and effective mental health support strategies, can help employees make the most out of their salary, and feel more settled and secure.

    📅  Thursday 27th October

    ⏱️ 11am (UK)

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