Dynamics in Financial Wellbeing: The Stigma Edition 2023 is an in-depth research report based on a survey of 5,000 UK employees and 660 UK senior HR professionals. Despite the progress that’s been made with making money conversations less taboo, stigma around financial worries remains a massive elephant in the room for our organisations.

The truth is, money is still a sensitive subject, and with the cost-of-living crisis creating a lot of uncertainty, normalising the conversation around our finances has never been more important. By downloading the report today you’ll find out:

> To what extent UK employees are affected by money stigma <

> What demographic factors drive money stigma <

> How HR is doing when it comes to tackling money stigma and improving financial wellbeing <

> Where there’s a disconnect between HR and employees <

> What actions employers must take to make progress in 2023 <

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