Webinar: Tackling stress in the workplace with mental and financial wellbeing

Millions of us are suffering from stress. In fact, recent surveys have found that it’s rising rapidly in the UK. The top two causes are proven to be work-related stress (79% of employee respondents) and financial stress (an incredible 60% of respondents). 

In support of National Stress Awareness Day, Bippit and Spill will be joining forces on Wednesday 3rd November to tackle these issues. During the session we’ll be reviewing the link between mental and financial stress, while providing some tips to help you and your team succeed.

Spill’s expert therapist Graham Landi, and Bippit’s professionally qualified coach, Steven Williams, will be lending their expertise as we provide some key takeaways to implement with your people, and cover topics like… What is stress? How can you spot stress in your team? And how can we make the workplace less stressful? 

Graham Landi
Spill Therapist


Grace Tolley-Smith
Bippit Co-Founder

Steven Williams
Bippit Financial Coach

Although stress is often accepted in a fast-paced modern life, it significantly damages our health and wellbeing, and this impact has been amplified by the pandemic. Not only are money worries and workplace stress effecting our work, but we take it home, impacting our relationships, our wellbeing, and our sleep. This has led to the World Health Organisation recognising Burnout as an occupational phenomena.

To combat these challenges, companies are now taking proactive steps to combat employee stress. This includes, flexible working, counselling, financial coaching, and access to expert support, which have all been proven to reduce stress and improve employee health. Join us for this joint webinar to take a deep dive into these issues and more.

📅  Wednesday 3rd November

⏱️  9:30am

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