How Matchable is using Bippit to help employees plan for their future

Securing their place in the top 5% of B Corp impact scores in their industry 2 years in a row, Matchable is revolutionising the corporate volunteering world by matching employees with remote first, skills-based projects based on their personal skills, passions and availability.

They’re encouraging companies to move away from the box ticking, typically low-impact traditional corporate volunteering, and towards a more modernised high-impact remote solution.

They’re a London based, hybrid-working startup with a culture of collaboration and shared positive-impact values. As a predominantly remote team, they’re keen to build a company culture that supports their team in all aspects of their work and personal lives, and gives employees the toolbox to do so effectively.

The company recently started working with a new external HR team, and part of that process was reviewing their current employee benefits package. Head of Operations Sareeka at Matchable spearheaded this move to work with external HR/People experts, and commented…

”At Matchable, we care about supporting our employees with their wellbeing. When looking at our benefits package we wanted to make sure this was as inclusive as possible and covered many different forms of wellbeing.”

Sareeka went on to add…“Feeling financially well is really important, especially in current difficult economic times, and we know our employees benefit from being able to access support from Bippit”.

The Matchable team had already been taking advantage of Bippit’s financial coaches and guidance for over a year, and so they and the new HR team agreed it was a no-brainer to keep this as part of their employee package.

The Importance of financial wellbeing in the current economy

Sareeka continues: “I’ve found Bippit really beneficial. My coach, Sam, has helped me with many financial topics from pensions to investing and I’m really grateful to have his help! The Bippit platform allows me to easily see what is going on with my finances which has been super important given the times we are living in!”.

Research has shown that employees are twice as likely to leave when they’re anxious about their finances, and Matchable wanted to make sure their staff had the guidance they needed to navigate financial issues.

“We want to remove the stress of personal finance management, and planning for the future as much as possible for our team, particularly in the current economic climate,” says Founder Wai Foong.

“I feel as though financial wellbeing is so often overlooked when considering how best to support and reward your team, when it’s actually something that can affect an individual on a personal basis so quickly when done wrong, but also can help relieve so much stress when done right as it can have so many knock on effects on other areas of your life.”

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Why Matchable Chose Bippit

When a company partners with Bippit, every one of their employees gets access to a dedicated one-to-one financial coach. A qualified professional who has trained for years, and is matched to the employee based on their needs, whatever they may be.

This was exactly what Matchable was looking for. Not just a platform giving general, one-size-fits-all support, but rather individual, custom guidance for everyone of their employees.

Founder Foong went on to say: “As a fast-growing team, we’re keen to attract the top talent that will help us on our journey to become the UK’s most popular employee volunteering platform, and having a comprehensive benefits package is an important and essential part of that effort. Financial wellbeing is not something to be undervalued, and the entire team agreed that Bippit was the way to go after an initial trial, and the team have been huge fans ever since!”

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