Empowering the LS Productions’ team to build their own financial support network

LS Productions is the UK’s largest production service company. They’re a talented group of Grammy-nominated, BRIT and BAFTA award-winning creative producers who work with global brands across commercials, film and TV, music, fashion, and sports campaigns.

Fundamental to the company’s success has been building an inclusive and positive culture. Laura Macpherson, Operations Manager at LS Productions, explains: “culture is a huge part of what we’re all about. We want people to feel comfortable talking about issues, whether it’s in public or one to one.”

“There’s a real thirst for new ideas here, and that extends to procedural improvements and increasing the benefits we can offer our people.” 

It was this thirst that drove Laura to look at financial wellbeing and its effects on mental health in the workplace…

Speaking from personal experience

Each of Bippit’s founders have their own financial scars and war stories. Moments in their life when they didn’t have the support they needed to make good financial decisions. It’s one of the main reasons why they started Bippit: to give every employee access to a 1-1 financial coach so they wouldn’t face similar struggles.

Of course our founders’ financial challenges are not unique, as Laura notes: “I’ve struggled with my finances in the past and I wish I’d had someone to talk to. Some guidance on what I could have done to make my situation better.”

“If there’s a way we can help our people avoid financial anxieties then I’m all for it. So when I came across Bippit it just made a lot of sense. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to introduce.”

LS Productions already has a mental health and wellbeing policy in place, and provides access to therapy to all staff members. Yet, the company constantly reviews its benefits programme to see how they can improve it. Laura explains: “the past two years have been a transition for everyone, and people’s finances have been up in the air. Some people have been on furlough, some have needed to dip into their savings, and others have had to review where they live.”

“My hope is that with all the various benefits we offer, including Bippit, our team will be able to create their own support network.”


Making financial support accessible to all

In the past, getting support from financial experts has been expensive, intimidating, or simply not accessible. 

The Bippit app changes this by matching every employee with their own financial coach based on their needs and experience. This is something Laura was particularly keen to give the LS Productions team.

“When I first spoke to Bippit it was almost like talking to a friend. They explained what Bippit was all about and the company’s desire to help people regardless of what salary they’re on.”

“Looking at the Bippit app I was really impressed by the availability of it all, like the fact you can immediately set up an appointment with a financial coach and speak to them quickly. You don’t have to wait for an appointment which would normally take months or weeks.”

“As a company we work quite long hours and all over the country. Bippit gives everyone the ability to immediately get guidance on their phone or at their laptop. Our employees may just want to get something out of their head and remove a worry. Bippit lets them do that and frees up a bit of brain space.”

“A financial coach is there to help each employee sense-check what they’re doing, whether it’s around investing money or setting up an emergency fund. The team is really excited about it.”


Using Bippit to unlock other company benefits

Bippit works to improve the financial knowledge of every employee and to get everyone talking more openly about money. This benefits both the employee and the employer, as Laura notes: “it’s all very well putting employee benefits in place, but they’re only worth it if people actually use them.”

“We offer quite a few financial benefits that can help our people make their money stretch a bit further. My hope is that Bippit will signpost our team to the right ones at the right time.”

Laura also expects Bippit to help reduce financial stress. 

“Worrying about your finances at the end of the month can be an underlying part of stress and anxiety. Mental health and financial wellbeing go hand in hand. They’re so integrated in terms of how they can make people feel, which is why Bippit is so powerful. It will help our people worry about one less thing, enjoy their lives a bit more, and figure out what their work/life balance could be.”

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Along with the likes of xDesign and what3words, LS Productions is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform. 

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