How Bippit is helping the B Corp ambitions of Digital Detox

Digital Detox is a humanity-led digital product agency that creates future-proofed products with the best technology, in the most digitally sustainable way.

The agency has three core pillars running through it: people, the planet and technology. Everything they do revolves around those three. 

It’s why, in the past year, Digital Detox has increased its efforts to improve employee wellbeing and cement its position as a company for good. As Marta Villar, Finance Controller at the company, explains…

“We’re in the process of becoming a B Corp, and one of the areas we look at is employee wellbeing and financial health. I’m always looking for ways to excel on both, but in going through the B Corp process we had to change a few things to become more process-driven and documented.”

“We care about employee wellbeing because we understand how stressful life is, especially post-pandemic. There are enough stresses in the world, so as a company we don’t want our team having additional financial concerns and pressures on their back. That’s why I started looking for a solution like Bippit.”

Reducing the stigma of talking about money

A 2018 study found that people were more comfortable talking about race, sex, politics, and mental illness with their friends than they were talking about their salary, debt and retirement savings.

A 2018 study found that people were more comfortable talking about race, sex, politics, and mental illness with their friends than they were talking about their salary, debt and retirement savings.

As Marta says: “We’ve been trying to tackle this stigma by making sure people don’t feel shy about asking for a pay rise or feel uncomfortable coming to us with any financial worry.”

“However, there’s only so much we can do. I’m not a financial expert and the team may not want to share certain details with me. They want, and need, a qualified professional who knows the right questions to ask and can give them the best support. That’s why we turned to Bippit.”

“I’ve wanted something like Bippit for a while because it can bring a lot of value to the team. And it will help answer a lot of the financial questions I get asked!”

Why Digital Detox partnered with Bippit

At Bippit we’re on a mission to make financial stress a thing of the past. It’s why we provide every employee with free 1:1 financial coaching from a real expert, no matter their age, background, or situation. 

It’s this tailored 1:1 support that Digital Detox needed, as Marta explains: “When I was doing my research I came across other companies but they didn’t feel right. They were for big enterprises where one financial expert would come in, do a presentation, and leave. I was looking for a more tailored approach to our business.”

“We have a hybrid model when it comes to office and remote working, so it wouldn’t work having a professional come into the office once a quarter for meetings. Our team needs the ongoing and flexible support that Bippit provides.”

“What’s more, in terms of age, nationalities, and stage of life, we are very diverse so it’s tricky to find things that work for the majority of people. You want to be inclusive and with Bippit I think we’ve found a great platform for that.”


The importance of a partnership, not a one-off sales deal

A new employee benefit is only as good as the communication that comes with it. 

At Bippit we know how important long-term relationships are when it comes to improving employee wellbeing – from understanding what a business needs, to guiding them through a quick and easy set up.

No company wants to be loved at first, then left alone to work things out for itself.

As Marta says: “Bippit resembles our business a lot in terms of values and so it’s a real partnership. If you work with a partner who has similar values then it’s likely the product they create will fit your company far better. That’s what it feels like with Bippit.”

“I’ve been super impressed with all of Bippit’s aspects. When I was thinking, ‘it would be great if Bippit had this,’ I suddenly found it was already there!”

“The user experience really amazed me too. The tone of the app and vocabulary used is friendly without being casual. This is great because you want a tool that’s easy to understand and simple to use.”

“There are blogs and books about finances out there, but none have a friendly or straightforward message. In comparison, with all of Bippit’s features and benefits, their qualified financial coaches, the resources… I just feel that Bippit is really good value for money.”


The story so far

This is just the start of our partnership with Digital Detox, and together we hope it will create more than just happy staff.

As Marta says: “Bippit will help us identify the areas we need to do more on. For example, if a lot of people use it to ask questions about pensions, maybe it’s time we revisited our pension scheme. We might need to improve it.”

“I always work with the principle that a happy employee is a productive one. I want to get concerns out of their mind and bring them a sense of calm. I really think Bippit will help us improve several areas of our employee experience.”

Want to learn more about your team’s financial health?

Along with the likes of Gympass, what3words, and Acacia Training, Digital Detox is one of the many companies benefitting from Bippit’s all-in-one financial wellbeing platform.

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