Covid-19 can’t stop us from getting financial guidance


As we all know, #coronavirus is spreading across the globe, causing a worldwide lockdown and inducing panic that seems to have manifested itself in stock piling excessive amounts of toilet paper.


We’re all feeling pretty stressed, right?

If only this was our sole dilemma… you might be thinking. Although most of us are safely locked away in our homes, many of us are worrying about our personal finances with no obvious access to financial guidance.

With the stock markets plummeting to lows last seen during the financial crisis of 2008, people are becoming increasingly nervous about their financial security. As companies are thinking about cutting their employees salaries, and encouraging unpaid leave to avoid redundancies, people are understandably worried about how this virus could affect their savings and future financial plans.


The World Health Organisation is telling us to relax! So what did I do?

It’s true, the WHO has acknowledged that it is likely for us to see anxiety levels on the rise. So I decided to take matters into my own hands, calm my nerves, and used Bippit’s telephone service to speak to a very experienced and friendly Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), as financial fears need not breed more stress.

Bippit wants to provide everyone with the ability to take care of their finances, and seamlessly link them up with a personal financial advisor. The telephone service is immensely useful during this time, as you can take a call from your advisor from the comfort of your own home, safely abiding by government guidance whilst you gain important financial support.


So, what happened?

Having never spoken to a financial expert before, and being early on in my financial journey, the conversation I had with one of Bippit’s coaches was very helpful. As well as finding myself enjoying thirty minutes of peace from the rest of my household, who I’ve been isolating with for the past few weeks, the conversation helped me to put my financial fears into perspective.


What did I get out of it?

  • Straightforward guidance: my coach went through simple steps to work out my options
  • Convenience: I received financial help from my home, at a time that suited me
  • Reassurance: My coach suggested that I could invest in longer-term investments and ensure the security of my savings


Financial support from an expert really helps

Prior to the conversation I had with my advisor, I felt that my options were fairly limited, wondering how I might be able to safeguard my savings. But after the call, my understanding of what I can do with my money was vastly broadened. I instead learnt that I could continue with my financial plans and invest in my future.

The clarity I needed during this daunting time was met with such a simple, yet effective service, with the option of continuous support in follow up conversations through the in-app messaging service.


Getting financial support really couldn’t be easier

If you don’t have the time to take a call, you can receive message support direct to your device, whenever and wherever you want.

Bippit is also affordable as an employee benefit. If your employer signs-up to service, you can collect ongoing support from your coach any time you choose, and take advantage of all the other in-app benefits. After you’ve made important decisions regarding your finances with the help of your expert, you can begin setting financial goals and budgets.  It is a truly unique application, which prides itself in providing affordable financial guidance with reassuring simplicity.

Bippit gave me the support I needed, and it would certainly help many others in remembering that they always have choices, when it comes to their finances.

Take ownership of your finances now!



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