How Bippit helps Wesleyan support their own financial experts

How Bippit helps Wesleyan support their own financial experts

How Bippit helps Wesleyan support their own financial experts

Wesleyan provides financial advice to doctors, dentists and teachers – creating brighter financial futures for the professions we all trust in. The company has been helping people, both customers and employees, secure their financial futures for over 180 years. It’s why Wesleyan recently brought Bippit in to support their staff’s financial wellbeing.

“We are all about you.” 

This is the promise Wesleyan makes to its employees. A promise that involves working with employees to help them reach their career goals and find the right work-life balance. 

The company knows that feeling valued is key to an individual’s happiness at work, which is why they offer a range of benefits tailored to each individual’s needs. From annual bonuses to discounted insurance policies and access to unlimited GP consultations. Wesleyan is also committed to Smart Working – giving staff greater choice and flexibility in how, when and where they work.

Everything the company does for its employees centres around creating a personalised approach to wellbeing and remaining open to new ideas.

“The key to a successful retention strategy is listening to your employees,” says Hayley Russell, Capability and Wellbeing Manager at Wesleyan. “There is no point putting a strategy in place that doesn’t work for your people.” 

Employee feedback is crucial to ensuring we have the right solutions in place at the right time. We seek this via our regular Employee Opinion Surveys, our ED&I Networks and the Partnership Council who share employee concerns and ideas.

Lisa Perkins, Wesleyan’s HR Director, adds: “We were mindful that we needed to do more to support our employees’ financial wellbeing. We thought it was really critical that our people, at a time of need, understood how to manage their budgets and their money.”

“We gathered insights, came up with a plan, and researched a number of financial wellbeing companies. This is when we landed on Bippit.”

“People like that confidential financial support”

Through Bippit, every Wesleyan employee gets one-to-one access to a qualified financial coach. An employee can then speak to their coach as much as they like to deal with any financial issue or stress. This is what attracted Wesleyan to Bippit. 

“We liked that Bippit’s financial coaches have FCA-recognised qualifications. We knew we could advertise it to our colleagues and trust what the coaches were saying.” 

Lucy Brooks, Head of HR Operations, continues: “Staff have been really pleased with the ease of which they can use the Bippit app. It’s simple. It’s quick. And you can go into as much or as little detail as you want. We know that people like the idea of having a confidential third party who they can get some support and guidance from.”

This is backed up by how Wesleyan staff have been using Bippit.

Emile Rudd, a Relationship Co-ordinator, says: “It was good to hear my coach’s thoughts. Someone who’s licensed in that area. It reassured me that I’m heading in the right direction when it comes to saving for a property.”

Tony Wilkhu, also a Relationship Co-ordinator, adds: “A few months ago I took out a loan. I used Bippit to get some financial coaching to talk through how I could go about doing that or if it was right for me. It’s a good idea to get Bippit.”

That said, it’s not just Bippit’s coaches that are being put to use. 

Sarah Pearson, Executive Compensation & Engagement Manager, explains: “There are some really useful calculators on Bippit, so if you want to know how much you need to save into your pension you can just go on a calculator and all that information is there for you.”

Showing employees that the company cares

Wesleyan recognises that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to employee wellbeing, and they’re always looking for ways to support staff and grow their confidence. This includes getting more people talking about money and any issues they may have. 

“People have genuinely really liked the fact that we’ve provided this service,” says Lucy. “Bippit’s created a space for individuals to talk with each other about the importance of financial wellbeing.”

Hayley adds: “We know that users of Bippit see an increase in their confidence in managing their money. People I talk to speak so highly of the Bippit Breakdown emails. They find them really useful because they take terms that you might see in the news, but don’t totally understand, and explain them clearly.”

Beyond the specific features of Bippit, Wesleyan’s approach to financial wellbeing has not gone unnoticed by employees. 

“I’ve worked in other places besides Wesleyan and there have been times where some people felt financially inadequate because they didn’t have support,” says Tony. “I’d say Bippit is probably the thing I use most out of the Wesleyan wellbeing package. The fact that Wesleyan is offering this support means a lot to me.”

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How Bippit helps Electric Square support their diverse workforce

How Bippit helps Electric Square support their diverse workforce

How Bippit helps Electric Square support their diverse workforce

With studios in the UK, Singapore and Malta, Electric Square provides world-class game development services for the biggest and best companies in the industry. Driven by a collaborative culture, the company has received numerous awards for its workplace environment and Nina Lomax – Electric Square’s Head of People & Culture – is always looking for ways to better support employees. This is what led Nina to bringing in Bippit to cater to staff’s financial wellbeing needs. 

Wellbeing’s three different sides

Having been at Electric Square for six years, Nina has seen, and shaped, the various stages of the company’s wellbeing strategy. Perks and benefits have evolved as the demands and needs of staff have changed. At first this meant offering employees £50 that they could claim back on anything wellbeing-related. Then it meant giving staff access to benefits such as personal training, gym sessions, and BUPA private medical cover. 

The company has done a lot of work around mental and physical wellbeing support, but more recently Nina wanted to shift focus to financial wellbeing, especially with the current cost-of-living crisis. 

“Financial stress has a big knock-on effect with your mental and physical health so it’s important that we cater to all three pillars of wellness: mental, physical and financial. Our employees are not just here to come in and do a job. We understand that they are constantly having thoughts and worries around their finances, especially at the moment.”

“We have a duty of care to make sure we’re looking after our employees as best as we possibly can. It’s why I felt we had a responsibility to provide more substantial financial support for our employees. Financial wellbeing is quite a hot topic so it’s been on my radar, but I made a concerted effort to get it written into our budget for this year.”

The importance of inclusivity and usability

With studios and staff located across the world, Nina is always thinking about whether the benefits the company offers are accessible, inclusive, and available wherever an employee may be. This was especially important for whatever financial wellbeing platform the company partnered with. The platform had to cater to the different needs and life stages of each employee.

“I searched ‘best financial wellbeing platforms’ on Google, looked at reviews, and then selected a small number to talk to, get a demo from, and understand costs. Then I looked at each platform and the usability, UX and UI of it. Considering we’re a games company, the aesthetics of a platform were important as we wanted to make things interactive and fun.”

“When I found Bippit what really appealed to me was the financial coaching offered, and that that coaching could be on a number of different topics like pensions, saving for a car or house, what bank account is best, mortgages and so on.”

“Our staff have different needs and I liked that Bippit doesn’t just focus on one topic. You can get tailored financial coaching on all aspects and I think that’s important because we have an array of different people in different financial situations looking for different things.”

Having completed her research on potential financial wellbeing partners, Nina put together a proposal outlining the platforms who could support Electric Square, gave her recommendation, then got management to sign off on it within the year’s budget. And so Bippit’s partnership with Electric Square began…

Judging the success of company benefits

Nina used a variety of communication channels to tell staff about the company’s partnership with Bippit. This included Teams, email, and the weekly company meeting. As the company has only just introduced Bippit, Nina is focused on sign-up rates and understanding what services people are using on the platform. She’ll then get everyone’s feedback to ensure the company is getting the most out of Bippit.

“From my personal experience so far I’m very happy with Bippit. I’ve used the financial coaching and am enjoying the look of the app, the interaction and usability of it, and the intuitiveness.”

“Being able to provide financial coaching to employees is definitely going to be a retention tool for us. Companies in the games industry aren’t offering things like Bippit and employees are looking at things like this. It’s not just about the salary. They’re looking at all the other perks and benefits on offer. Having all the different benefits we offer, including Bippit, will definitely help our staff retention.”

What’s next for Electric Square’s employee wellbeing?

While Nina’s focus this year has been on financial wellbeing, she’s excited to look at alternative ways of working in the future. Whether that’s a four-day week, nine-day fortnight, condensed hours, or more personal development time. 

“I think this flexibility is only going to get greater and there will be more perks around it. I would love to see more flexibility around working styles, personal circumstances, people who have young children or elderly parents, people who are carers as well as full-time workers… Just having less hoops to jump through when it comes to how we can all work best.”

“There are all sorts of things I’d love to look at implementing but let’s focus on financial wellbeing first!”

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How NRL Group nurture market-leading retention & empower staff

How NRL Group nurture market-leading retention & empower staff

How NRL Group nurture market-leading retention rates & empower staff

For the past 40 years, NRL Group’s range of recruitment, workforce management, and contracting services have helped global engineering companies succeed. Yet despite its growing size and scale, the family-owned business has retained its personal feel. The company is always looking at ways to support its colleagues, which is why NRL Group’s board decided to focus on financial wellbeing and implement Bippit.

Showing your team that you care

‘Care: create an environment in which we work confidently together.’

This is one of NRL’s core values. 

NRL is constantly looking at how they can support their colleagues. The company’s Initiatives Group looks at new benefits and programmes that can help people come into work and be the most effective that they can be. The group also offers colleagues the chance to say what they would like to see offered at NRL.

“You spend a lot of hours at work so if we can make that experience any better then, it will encourage people to stay with us,” says Greg Compton, NRL’s Group Director. “We look carefully at how we can retain our people because as a family-business, it’s all about people.”

“A lot of colleagues have been here for 10, 15, 20 years which is unusual within our industry because it’s a fairly mobile one. We’re always looking at ways of supporting our colleagues in the long term and this has helped us maintain close-knit teams.”

NRL offers a holistic package to ensure people can come to work happy and mentally healthy. A number of healthcare benefits include subsidised gym memberships, money back on an optician or dentist visit, and mental health first aid training. 

“We’re always looking to keep on top of wellbeing needs and trends as our most important asset is our people. Their wellbeing is what’s important to us as a business and as a company. We’ve supported our people with their general physical wellbeing. Now we’re moving more into the mental wellbeing side of things, and financial wellbeing feeds into that.”

Ensuring staff are healthy, happy and comfortable

Aware of growing concerns around the cost-of-living crisis, NRL wanted to provide more financial support to colleagues. 

“Any way we can support our colleagues through this difficult time is worth investing in. It all ties back to the culture of the business and how we look after our people. The ways in which we can do that have grown over the years so we add extra benefits as we can and as they make sense.”

“Financial wellbeing is a mutually beneficial thing because if colleagues are healthy, happy and comfortable then they tend to work better.”

As part of their financial benefits package, NRL offers a number of discount schemes with various suppliers. However, when coming into the cost-of-living crisis the company wanted to offer more. 

“If people are struggling financially then they tend to stick their head in the sand, but we wanted our team to be able to open up and get the financial support they needed.” 

Recognising that everybody likes to get support in different ways – whether it be through webinars, written information, or one-to-one coaching – NRL wanted to give their colleagues access to a financial wellbeing platform that offered all these different methods so that colleagues could gain information and have completely discrete conversations.

This is what led NRL to Bippit. 

Opening up access to financial guidance

When looking at financial wellbeing providers, NRL was drawn to Bippit’s professional one-to-one coaches with FCA-recognised qualifications who can give every employee impartial support on a range of queries including savings, pension schemes, mortgages, equity plans, taxation, and insurance cover.

“We wanted to give colleagues the chance to access financial guidance, and liked that there is no sell involved in Bippit’s coaching support. It’s completely independent. The support is about what you should consider doing, what it’s worth looking at, or what options are available.”

NRL ran a small pilot study of Bippit and were encouraged by the levels of interaction with the app, and how people were using it in different ways.

“Some said they really liked the coaching, others talked about the platform and the gamification side of it, or setting goals and tracking spending. Being able to capture everything in one place was particularly important.”

“I think the flexibility of Bippit was what attracted us. It empowers our employees. They get really good-quality support.”

Supporting both their people and their communities

For NRL, retaining people isn’t all about increasing salaries. It’s about creating an environment in which people feel valued and supported. This approach is clearly effective given that the Leadership team alone has an average of over 20 years with the company, and that the company itself is celebrating its 40th year in business. 

To mark the occasion in a way that best fits their culture, NRL teams are coming together to collectively support 40 charities throughout 2023.

“We’re encouraging every part of the business to go out and support local charities. Everybody’s got something that’s important to them, so if we can allow them to support a charity within their local area then that’s massive. We run outreach programs in prisons as well, support social mobility, have been carbon neutral for 3 years, so it’s not just about supporting our staff, but supporting our communities too.”

“For the size of business that we are, we’re genuinely trying to make a difference.”

With NRL colleagues now set up on Bippit, long may that sentiment continue.

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How NHS Black Country ICB uses Bippit to be an inclusive employer

How NHS Black Country ICB uses Bippit to be an inclusive employer

How NHS Black Country ICB uses Bippit to boost inclusivity

The NHS Black Country ICB is responsible for meeting the health needs of 1.2 million people in the Black Country where it manages the NHS budget and provision of health services. It has become the latest organisation to invest in the financial wellbeing of its team by giving each employee access to Bippit. We spoke to their Chief People Officer, Shajeda Ahmed, about our new partnership.

To work well, you have to be well

One of NHS Black Country ICB’s key priorities is to look after their people, especially when it comes to their safety, health and wellbeing – both physical and psychological. The organisation knows that people work best when they’re healthy, and that’s why they have a range of initiatives available to support staff wellbeing.

One such initiative is the Black Country Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub which was created during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Hub is a place for the organisation to look after its people, stay connected with everyone, and keep the conversation going about how everyone is feeling.

“We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing provision for our colleagues, and to responding to the changing needs of our people in terms of accessing support,” explains Shajeda. “We know that we need to support our people to be well to care well.”

“As a health and care system, health and wellbeing underpins all we do. It enables operational delivery, best patient care, and promotes us as the best place to work.”

Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic

Following the pandemic, the NHS Black Country ICB recognised that to help their people deliver excellent care, they also needed to ensure that colleagues felt supported and heard.

“Through listening to our colleagues, it has been a challenging time for many due to the rising cost of utilities and inflation,” Shajeda explains. “We also know that our local community may have been hit harder, recognising the wider health inequalities that exist and the consequences of economic hardship and longer term impact.”

“Looking after the health and wellbeing of our staff is a key priority, and this also includes their financial wellbeing. Money worries can affect anyone, and that stress can have a big impact on your health.”

“It’s an area of our lives which is very sensitive and private, making it hard to know where to turn for support and guidance. As a supportive and inclusive employer, we wanted to provide an offer that allows colleagues to explore how they can improve their financial wellbeing.”

This is what led the organisation to Bippit.

A personalised approach to financial wellbeing

Bippit’s platform now gives over 500 Black Country ICB employees access to expert financial coaches who have FCA-recognised qualifications. Each coach is matched to an employee’s individual needs and is available to provide personalised guidance. It’s this tailored approach that appealed to the organisation.

“The service that Bippit offers is aligned to the values that we hold as an ICB. It’s important that our workforce feels empowered to seek help and support if they need it, and Bippit’s blend of interventions and 1:1 support will result in our colleagues accessing a provision that meets their needs and circumstances.”

“We really liked Bippit’s ease of access for staff and the ability to pick and mix the support offers available. Accessing the service is easy and engaging – meaning colleagues are able to interact with it at a time that’s convenient to them.”

Demonstrating inclusivity and care

Staff at NHS Black Country ICB can access a wide range of benefits, and the organisation is always working to make sure that people are aware of what is on offer.

“We have a dedicated section of our staff intranet page that details all the health, wellbeing and financial benefits that are available, and we make sure that is regularly updated and communicated to all staff. We also use our regular communication tools such as our team brief, staff networks and email newsletters to remind them to check for any updates.”

“We want our colleagues to feel supported and have a sense of belonging. Responding as an employer to challenges they may experience, such as financial, is our way of demonstrating we lead inclusively and compassionately.”

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Blue Monday: why self-reflection is the catalyst for financial wellbeing

Blue Monday: why self-reflection is the catalyst for financial wellbeing

Blue Monday: why self-reflection is the catalyst for financial wellbeing

Blue Monday started life as a marketing stunt and now hits the news every year. While it’s impossible for one day to be the ‘unhappiest day of the year,’ Blue Monday presents a valuable opportunity to build our employees’ financial wellbeing if we approach it in the right way.

Blue Monday falls in January – the month of self-reflection

People self-reflect in January about what’s important to them because the new year is seen as a time of renewal. It’s why people change jobs in January, commit to healthier habits, or plan to spend more time with their family.

But why is Blue Monday a good opportunity to promote financial wellbeing? Because it falls in a month when people are looking inwards.

Self-reflection is an important part of improving financial wellbeing

The best way to improve our financial wellbeing is to clarify our goals, dreams and ideals and re-organise our money around achieving these. This method lights the fire of long-term motivation. Without long-term motivation, it’s easy to fall back to old ways.

Encourage your employees to self-reflect on Blue Monday – here’s what to do

Resist the temptation to label Blue Monday as the unhappiest day of the year. It’s not true and it won’t help your employees improve their financial wellbeing.

Here’s what to do instead:

  • Make the link between values and goals and financial wellbeing – give examples of how goals can encourage positive financial behaviour
  • From this point, encourage self-reflection among employees on what’s important to them now, in the short-term and medium-term and in the long-term
  • Provide a formal method for them to capture this information and store it somewhere safe

Why do you need to provide a way for them to capture this information?

Because it’s the catalyst for engagement with financial wellbeing campaigns throughout the year.

Double down on action – financial wellbeing follow-up to Blue Monday

People are much more likely to do something if they can see how it helps them achieve a specific goal. Armed with a list of their short-term and long-term goals and values, your team will be better able to see why the behavioural changes you encourage in your financial wellbeing campaigns are so important to achieving what they want.

You may run a campaign in March, for example, on saving money. Saving money is essential to financial health. At the beginning of March, you can ask people what they most want to save for, and give them a starting point of re-engaging with what they wrote down for Blue Monday.

People are much more likely to build the savings habit if they feel it’s moving them towards an achievement that’s linked to what they really want. Think of the parent saving hard to take their kids on a dream holiday.

Bippit’s team of FCA-recognised financial coaches are helping organisations to educate their employees on why focusing on their mindset can transform long-term financial wellbeing, leading to greater satisfaction and focus at work.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today.

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