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A financial coach for every employee


Bippit gives everyone in your organisation a professionally-qualified expert to work with, so they feel less stressed, more secure, and more settled in their job.

The UK’s #1 provider of professional financial coaching

Financial wellbeing is essential (now more than ever)


Of employees say financial matters are their #1 source of stress.


Financial stressed employees are 2.2x more likely to leave your organisation.


Employees with financial concerns are 4x more likely to be clinically depressed.

PWC financial wellness survey / Employer’s guide to financial wellness

Improve financial literacy and boost retention

We’ve developed a scientific approach, created by experts, and tailored to the needs of each employee.

By using the latest technology combined with professional coaching, your people can now access the trusted support they want and need.

We’ll support you, and your people


Pension scheme engagement


Equity plan education


Understanding tax


Planning for a family


Dealing with debt


Building an emergency fund


And everything inbetween

With dedicated help from qualified experts 


 1:1 coaching via video or message 

With no hidden agenda, and no products to sell


 Regulated professionals (not certified amateurs) 

Years of training, and the highest standards of conduct & ethics from the FCA


Every coach is fully qualified and highly experienced 

Strictly vetted experts, for the risk-free support your people deserve

All-in-one wellbeing that’s fast & effective


2-minute registration on either mobile or desktop


Every employee gets their own professional coach


Complete support, with goal tracking, budgeting tools, workshops, webinars, account connections, healthchecks, and personalised resources


No employee training or integrations required


FCA regulated with bank-grade encryption

You’ll see measurable impact 


Registration rate. More than 10x higher than Standard benefits.


Feel more positive about their employer for providing Bippit.


Feel more organised, and confident with financial matters.


Is the minimum Return on investment from NI savings alone.

Save time, and get true value from your benefits

Compensation and rewards are your biggest investments, so we help your people make the most of them.

Financial coaching increases engagement across your benefits, while also saving time for your HR team, by dealing with queries about pensions, taxation, equity, and insurance.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’ll help you every step of the way

Monthly workshops

Exclusive events and workshops with expert guests, covering everything from pensions to bitcoin.

Metrics and reporting

Detailed reports to help you understand improvements in wellbeing, while protecting employee privacy.

Account management

A friendly and dedicated team, available whenever you need support for your financial wellbeing strategy.

Engagement resources

Customisable marketing assets and email sequences to promote Bippit and drive ongoing engagement.

Our promise to you and your people


Bippit is registered with the ICO, regulated by the FCA, and uses bank-grade security.   


Our coaches are impartial experts, with no hidden agenda and no products to sell.


Bippit’s platform is a confidential, safe space for everyone to get the guidance they need.


We’ll help you reach more people, with 10x the engagement of traditional solutions.

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