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Employees are worrying about their future. And it’s costing you

Give them the support they need with Bippit.

Through the Bippit app or on a desktop, your employees can learn about their financial health with a 1-1 financial coach, plan for their future using powerful tools, and take action thanks to practical resources.

Here’s how Bippit works

Employees lose

3.6 hours

each week due to money worries

Employees are

7.6x less likely

to finish daily tasks if distracted by their finances

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s why companies choose Bippit

Payroll cost of


can be lost due to the financial concerns and anxieties of employees 

Lower stress to raise productivity

Employees can finally share their concerns, get support, and understand their money better. Leaving them more focused and more productive at work.

Happy employees = happy companies

Bippit frees up your HR and Finance team’s time by solving all employee financial pains. Absenteeism and presenteeism are reduced. Company culture is reinvigorated.

An employees is

2.2x more likely

to look for another job if they’re suffering from poor financial wellbeing 

Attract & retain the best talent

Bippit helps employees prepare for their future, leaving them feeling more confident, settled, and comfortable at work.

Employees Love what we do

“My advisor had a clear understanding and expansive knowledge of the financial issues we discussed, which was extremely helpful. He answered questions I didn’t know I needed to be asking!”

“I spoke with a Bippit expert and he was able to quickly understand my problem and provide me with different options, along with the pros and cons of each. I feel much more confident about how to deal with my finances now.”

“I received reliable support that I trust and will apply to my future finances. I would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone looking to understand how best to manage their money!”

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