Financial Wellbeing Guides

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about financial wellbeing. From understanding the impact on your workforce, to implementing a successful strategy. 

10 shocking financial wellbeing stats

We’ve surveyed hundreds of employees about their financial health, and the results are scary…. such as 86% of employees say they’re worrying about money, and 53% sometimes or always run out of money by the end of the month. 

Download the complete report of our findings to discover the real ways employees are struggling with their money.

The impact of financial wellbeing to your business

Did you know that poor financial wellbeing is affecting the productivity, engagement, and retention of your staff? In fact, this cumulative impact can cost businesses up to 15% of payroll

This must-read guide makes understanding the impact of financial wellbeing on your company straightforward and provides the next steps to deliver a program that works for your team.

How to have financial wellbeing conversations

Talking about money is seen as one of the last taboos. But once you’ve recognised that financial wellbeing is having an impact on your company, you’ll want to engage with your workforce to improve your wellbeing strategy. 

This guide is the answer! We’ll give you effective ways to interpret the data you already have and how to create an open culture about money in your office.

Building a business case for financial wellbeing

Once you’ve seen the cost that poor financial wellbeing is having on your employees and your company, you’re going to want to make a change! 

This guide provides a straightforward framework to build a business case for financial wellbeing, and bring along any stakeholders you need to deliver an effective initiative.

Financial wellbeing guide for Employees

Whilst the News reports may speculate on GDP, employment figures, and interest rates, the questions most of us have are: Will I still be able to pay my mortgage? Should I be cutting back? Will I ever be able to retire? 

This concept of feeling both secure and free, now and in the future, is what we refer to as financial wellbeing; and in this guide we cover practical tips on how to improve it.

COVID-19 & wellbeing for Employees

84% of adults in Great Britain say that they are ‘worried’ or ‘very worried’ about the effect Covid-19 has had on their life, and just over half said that it was directly affecting their wellbeing. 

This guide for employees was created in partnership with Gympass and Openmind to help everyone in your company become more aware of difficulties, stay resilient, and improve their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.

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