How boosting employees’ financial education & confidence fuels your firm’s future success


Date: Mon 24th June

Time: 12 – 1pm BST

Location: Online

In today’s competitive legal landscape, your employees’ confidence with their money is  fundamental to the firm’s success. 

Join us for an engaging roundtable discussion for leading HR and People Directors at top law firms as we delve into the critical connection between financial confidence and organisational prosperity. 

This session will explore actionable strategies to boost employees’ financial literacy, the impact on your firms future, and how best to navigate the unique challenges faced within legal environments.

Discover how investing in your employees’ financial health not only fosters loyalty and retention but also serves as a catalyst for your firm’s enduring growth and resilience in an ever-evolving market. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of financial confidence as a driving force behind your firm’s future.

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We’ll discuss:
  • Why boosting your employees’ confidence in their personal finances is more than just a duty of care.
  • The life and career events that influence your employees’ personal financial outlook and how can you best support them.
  • How you can turn financial education into a powerful talent attraction and retention mechanism.