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If you’re a regulated advisor or financial planner who wants to help more people, then discover a completely new way of working with Bippit.

There’s no need for time-consuming prospecting, or endless admin. Just real people, asking real questions, who need your help.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Most of our experts can get up and running, with an extra income stream from Bippit, in less than a week

1. Get in touch

We’ll explain how Bippit works and what we need from you

2. Show us your skills

We’ll check your credentials, and after a couple of case studies you’ll be ready to go

3. Start helping

Make a real difference with real people

Get paid for doing what you love

You can focus on helping people with their finances. We’ll take care of everything else.


Earn Extra Income

Our coaches can earn thousands of pounds every month

Work Your Own Way

Take on as many or as few customer relationships as you like

Help More People

Reach people who wouldn’t normally be able to access advisors

Ditch the Commute

Work flexibly and remotely, while removing prospecting and admin

Change the Game

Financial support has evolved. Join us as we change the industry for the better

Completely Secure

Bippit is regulated by the FCA and uses the most advanced security available

Frequently asked questions

How does it all work?

You’ll access Bippit through a web browser, and our users access Bippit on their phones or a web browser. When you log in, you’ll be able to see the people assigned to you and their accompanying messages. You’ll have everything you need in “Coach Mail” to be able to help your relationships with their financial concerns, and you’ll be notified when new messages come in, so you simply need to check your inbox a couple of times a week to draft replies.

How do you match users with coaches?

As a coach, your profile will be visible to Bippit’s paid users. When we match them to an appropriate expert, they’ll see some high-level details, and you’ll be notified that you’ve got a new client. Simply let us know how many people you’re able to take on, and we’ll do the rest.

What if can't take on lots of clients?

We try to be as flexible as possible so we let you decide your own capacity after you’ve tried working with a couple of people and seen what’s involved. However, we’re building long-term relationships here at Bippit, so would love our coaches to join us on the journey for a significant time, and help as many people as possible.

How much can I earn?

At the moment, coaches on our platform earn money for the amount of time they spend helping clients. Our system is also getting more and more efficient every week, and we expect that an advisor working full time with Bippit will soon be able to earn more than £50k a year. We’re committed to paying everyone working on the platform as much as possible, while still keeping Bippit affordable, as it’s vital that we make the benefits of financial help available to people who wouldn’t normally be able to access it

Who can work for Bippit?

FCA registered advisors and financial planners with at least Level 4 qualifications, who are not restricted by their employment contracts for having outside interests, can apply to join our platform. We’re a young startup with a global mission, and want to help shape the future of financial services, so we’re learning as we go, and the best Bippit advisors are keen to learn too.

What if I’m already employed?

If you’re already employed by an advice firm, this is not a problem. You can join us as a coach working the hours that suit you the best. It is however up to your current employer whether they would be willing to allow you to work part-time for us, so this is something you would have to discuss with them.

Do users always speak with the same coach?

Yes. At Bippit we believe that coaches and users should build a long-term relationship and we’re doing everything possible to support that. This also means that messages can be serviced more efficiently as there’s no need to do a lengthy recap with a new conversation. Bippit users will communicate with the same person every time so long as that coach is still on the platform.

How do you build a relationship with messages?

We’ve formed relationships through letters for hundreds of years, so it’s something that comes naturally to us. Some social cues that we may have in-person may be lost, but other things are gained – time for reflection, ability to ask difficult or embarrassing questions, and time to formulate a reply. Users find it helpful to draft messages as problems or concerns arise, and coaches can take time to consider their responses.

What’s the application process like?

It’s a 4-step process that takes no more than a week from start to finish. It includes an initial call with a member of the team, before a CV & qualifications review, and a take-home exercise so we can assess your knowledge and communication skills.

I’ve never used a system like this before. Does that matter?

No, that’s fine… we would be surprised if you’ve used one before, as Bippit is the first! It’s an exciting new concept, but we won’t just leave you to it. You’ll have our tools, tech, and support all the way, so you can translate all of your face-to-face skills and expertise to make them work effectively through messages.

Do I always have to be ‘on call’ to reply?
No. Bippit isn’t a real-time, instant messaging platform. It’s more like an email inbox, where your relationships will write whenever they need to, but you’ll only need to check-in and reply a couple of times a week. This means that users typically get a reply within 48h, and we’ll let you know when a new message arrives, along with a reminder when necessary. We don’t mind what time of day you respond – the important thing is that your replies are insightful, timely, helpful, and valuable. Quality is more important than speed.
What about confidentiality and privacy for users?

Bippit is set on being the new benchmark for financial help. We take the privacy of our users, the security of any data, and our regulatory requirements very seriously. All staff and coaches must adhere to GDPR and the CISI code of ethics.

Ok, I’m sold! How do I get started?
Book a call at the bottom of this page to kick things off, or email us at if you have any questions.

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