Why watch?

This webinar will help HR and employees to navigate Christmas spending with confidence and reduce the chances of stress and burnout in January 2024.

It’s needed because 1 in 4 UK employees will experience anxiety at Christmas due to costs. It’s no surprise – the average person spends £650 each on gifts, socialising and festive treats.


Led by two FCA-recognised financial coaches, ‘Christmas budgeting for a stress free New Year‘ will cover:
  • How festive spending pressures are impacting your employees
  • Budgeting strategies, tips and tricks to decrease stress during the festive season
  • Making informed decisions around debt and happiness
  • Incorporating Christmas into the longer-term financial wellbeing picture


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By opening up this webinar to everyone, we hope to reduce the stigma and stress around festive spending and amplify the conversation around financial wellbeing.

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