6 reasons to address financial wellbeing at your company today

(and why Zoom, Udemy, and Medium are using this approach 🚀)

1. Show the world you care ❤️

Only half of employees would recommend their company. Support your team and stand out

2. Build a world-class culture & team 🌱

When companies have a poor culture, 48% of employees start looking for a job

3. Increase productivity and save money 📊

Save up to 15% of payroll costs through a more motivated, engaged and productive workforce

4. Attract the best talent 🤓

81% of Millennials are more attracted to a company that cares about their financial wellbeing

5. Reduce churn 🔒

Employees that are stressed or anxious about their finances are 2.2 times more likely to leave

6. Look after your people 💪

9.5m UK adults have suffered from mental health issues as a result of financial anxiety.



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